Exchange Mailbox Agent Exchange Mailbox Client

Before you use the Exchange Mailbox Agent, you must create an Exchange Mailbox client. The Exchange Mailbox client stores the configuration information for all the access nodes that are associated with it, and coordinates data protection operations for different access nodes. The Exchange Mailbox client is also referred to as a pseudo client.

Before You Begin

  • You must specify the Name Server (domain controller). For more information, see Adding an External Group.
  • To improve the performance of archiving and cleanup operations, each Exchange mailbox server should have a service account hosted on it. By default, 10 service accounts are created for Exchange mailbox clients created with less than 10,000 mailboxes. One new service account is created for every 1,000 mailboxes added where 25 is the maximum number of service accounts. To exclude service accounts from license consumption, manually create the accounts in the following format: CVEXBackupAccountnnnnnnnnnn@mycompany.com where nnnnnnnnnn is any 10 digit number.
  • Gather the information that you need to create an Exchange Mailbox client.
  • If the Index Server URL (http://indexserver:20000/solr )is accessible only from a specific Web Server, then you must configure the Web Server at the client level.

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