Driverless Block-Level Backups

On UNIX computers, you can also run driverless block-level backups without having to load the CVBF driver in the kernel. For more information on configuring driverless block-level backups, see Configuring Driverless Block-Level Backups.


Every driverless block-level backup job runs as a full backup job even if you select incremental backup. The CVBF driver does not monitor the incremental changes.

Synthetic full backup jobs are not supported.

Driverless block-level backups are not supported for NFS volumes.


In-place and out-of-place block-level restores are supported at file level and volume level.

Snapshot Support

Snapshots of hardware snapshot engines are supported. Native snapshot engines are not supported.

Last modified: 11/14/2018 7:03:23 AM