Change Index Cache Configuration Workflow (Indexing Version 1 and Indexing Version 2)

The Change Index Cache Configuration workflow allows you to change the location and retention properties for index caches on multiple MediaAgents.

Before You Begin

  • The Commvault Workflow solution must be deployed in your CommCell environment. Typically the Workflow Engine is installed with the CommServe software. If you need to install the Workflow Engine separately, see Installing the Workflow Engine.
  • Download the Change Index Cache Configuration workflow from the Commvault Store. See Download Workflows from the Commvault Store.


Important: While the update index cache path process (see Step 5b, below) is running, all backup jobs that use the index are automatically suspended.

  1. In the CommCell Browser, open Workflows.
  2. In the Workflows tab, right-click Change Index Cache Settings, point to All Tasks, and then click Execute.
  3. In the ChangeIndexCacheConfig dialog, click the Run workflow on list, and then select the Workflow Engine that you want to use to perform the workflow.
  4. Select the MA Client Group or the MA Client Name to run the workflow on.
  5. Configure the workflow for one or more MediaAgents as follows:
    1. Select the Update Index Cache Retention Properties checkbox (for Indexing Version 1 only), and then enter the following:
      1. Retain index for (Days): When an index becomes older than this parameter, the system runs a cleanup job that automatically deletes the index and log files within 24 hours.
      2. Generate alerts when free space falls below (in GB): If the amount of free space in the index cache falls below this parameter (default = 50 GB), the system sends alerts to the administrator email account. For more information on this predefined alert, see Disk space low on MediaAgent.
      3. Take the Index offline when free space falls below n GB: This is the total space that must be available in the index cache for it to remain online. If free space falls below this parameter (default = 10 GB), the index cache is taken offline and event-driven cleanup begins. For more information, see "Event-Driven Cleanup" in Index Cache Directory Cleanup.
      4. Cleanup until free space is at least: When an event-driven cleanup runs, the system will check to see if the percentage of free space remaining is greater than or equal to this parameter. If it's not, even after aged indexes are deleted, then additional indexes will be removed on a least-recently-used basis, until the free disk space percentage becomes greater than or equal to this value. For more information, see "Event-Driven Cleanup" in Index Cache Directory Cleanup.
    2. Select the Update Index Cache Path checkbox, and then enter the new index cache path in the New Index Cache Path field.
    3. In the Number of Parallel Upgrades, enter the maximum number of clients that you want to allow the workflow to process simultaneously. You can enter a value from 1 to 20.
  6. Click OK to begin the workflow job.

    The Change Index Cache Configuration job appears in the Job Controller tab.

Last modified: 5/17/2019 7:15:49 PM