SQL Live Sync Replication Online Help

Use this dialog box to specify the SQL replication options.

Schedule Name

The name of the schedule that the software creates for replication.

Destination Client

The client where the software replicates the data.

Destination Instance

The instance where the software replicates the data.

Note: The software only displays the SQL instances that have the same SQL version or higher than the source database.

Select all databases

Select the check box for each database that you want to be part of the replication operation.

Live Sync Options

Specifies the type of recovery that must be performed. This is the state of the database after the restore.

  • Norecovery

    Restore a database leaves the database in a restoring state.

  • Stand By

    Restore a database leaves the database in a read-only state.

Undo File Path

Displays the path in which the undo file is stored, when the Recovery Type is Stand By. Use the space to modify the default path.

After the replication operation is complete, the SQL Server Agent use the data from the undo file and the transaction log to continue restoring the incomplete transactions. After the restore completes, the undo file will be re-written with any transactions that are incomplete at that point.

Last modified: 8/5/2021 8:15:43 PM