Support for FusionStorage

You can deploy Commvault to protect FusionCompute workloads running as part of a hyper-converged solution on FusionStorage.


When FusionCompute runs as part of a hyper-converged solution on FusionStorage, it operates similarly to an on-premises deployment of FusionCompute, with the following exceptions:

  • For FusionStorage deployments, the Virtual Server Agent must be installed on at least one FusionStorage node within a FusionStorage cluster.

    The Virtual Server Agent must be installed on the Domain 0 host (Dom0).

    A single VSA proxy can be used throughout a FusionStorage cluster, but you can deploy additional proxies as needed for your environment.

    Windows proxies are not supported.

  • Physical disks from the FusionStorage nodes are presented to the cluster as a shared datastore.
  • Because the FusionCompute SDK does not support operations with FusionStorage, Commvault uses a Java SDK and command-line utilities to access disks.

    In addition to standard Commvault logs, FusionStorage.log contains a record of the commands used and their verbose output.

  • FusionStorage uses a bitmap volume to track changes to allocated blocks on storage volumes. For that reason, in FusionStorage deployments Commvault tracks allocated blocks and does not provide changed block tracking (CBT).

Last modified: 3/23/2018 3:29:47 PM