Configuring a Scale-Out Storage Pool

Use the following procedure to configure a Scale-Out Storage Pool.

Before You Begin

  • Install the Linux MediaAgent and the Storage Pool packages on all the disks that you plan to setup as a storage pool.


  1. From the navigation, click Storage Pools.

    The Storage Pools page appears.

  2. Click Add Storage Pool and then click Scale-out to create a scale-out storage pool.
  3. In the Create Scale-out storage pool dialog box, enter the following details:
    • Storage Pool Name
    • Depending on setup, select the level of resiliency from the Resiliency/Redundancy options. Choose from the following options:
      • Standard for 3 Nodes, Disperse Factor 6, Redundancy Factor 2. Withstands loss of 2 drives or 1 node.
      • Medium for 6 Nodes, Disperse Factor 6, Redundancy Factor 2. Withstands loss of 2 drives or 2 nodes.
      • High for 6 Nodes, Disperse Factor 12, Redundancy Factor 4. Withstands loss of 4 drives or 2 nodes.
  4. Select the nodes from the Nodes list.

    Note: The Nodes list contains a list of disks with the Linux MediaAgent and Storage Pool packages that are not yet configured.

  5. Click Configure to create a scale-out Storage Pool.


The new storage pool appears under the Storage Pool Window. The following information is displayed.

After the configuration the following will appear in the Storage Pool window.




Number of Nodes


Free Space

Storage Pool name

Online or Offline


Displays the number of MediaAgents associated with the Storage Pool

Storage Capacity of the Storage Pool in GB

Available space in the Storage Pool in GB

You can select a Storage Pool to view the Storage Pool properties.

What to Do Next

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