Sharing a Mount Path Using DataServer-IP

You can share a local mount path with multiple MediaAgents by using the DataServer-IP. DataServer-IP configuration has the following key benefits:

  • The mount paths are shared without the complexity of managing user credential for each mount path.
  • The mount paths are exported on demand for a data protection operation through the DataServer-IP to the shared MediaAgents and are removed when they are not required.
  • Each shared MediaAgent uses its local storage for backups and during data read operations like restores and auxiliary copy the data blocks are fetched using the DataServer-IP.


Both the DataServer-IP MediaAgent and the shared MediaAgents are supported on Windows and Linux operating systems.


  • Sharing a UNC mount path using the DataServer-IP is not supported.
  • Storage Policy with SILO copy is not supported.
  • Data Interface Pairs are not supported for DataServer-IP.
  • Network communication using IPv6 on Windows is not supported for DataServer-IP.
  • A mount path configured on Commvault HyperScale 1.5 MediaAgent cannot be shared using DataServer-IP.

Before You Begin

  • If you have upgraded from the previous Commvault version, ensure that you have set a Preferred MediaAgent. For more details, see Modify the Mount Path.
  • If you have firewall configured in your CommCell environment, open the 2049 (TCP) and the 111 (TCP+UDP) firewall ports on the DataServer-IP MediaAgent for communication with the shared MediaAgents. For more details, see Firewall Ports Required to Configure DataServer-IP.


  1. From the CommCell Browser, expand to Storage Resources > Libraries > library.
  2. Right-click the mount path that you want to share with another MediaAgent, and click Share Mount Path.
  3. In the Mount Path Properties dialog box, click Share.
  4. On the Share Mount Path dialog box, perform the following:
    1. From the Transport Type list, select Data Server - IP.
    2. Select the MediaAgent with which you want to share the mount path.
    3. In the Access column, select the access type.

      Note: By default, the mount path is shared with Read only access and therefore will be used only for read operations. However, you can select the Read/Write access type from the list to use the mount path for both read and write operations.

    4. Click OK.

    The new MediaAgent that is shared appears under Controllers.

  5. Click OK.

    The mount path is now shared with the selected MediaAgent.

What to Do Next

You can create storage policies using the library for which the mount path is shared. Ensure that you configure the DataServer-IP MediaAgent as the preferred data path on the associated storage policy so that each shared MediaAgent uses its local storage for backups.


Last modified: 7/1/2020 7:42:09 PM