Manage 3DFS Shares

The following methods are available to manage 3DFS shares.

  • CommCell Console
  • CvConfigureArchiveStore utility
  • Command line

You can create only FSM type V2 3DFS shares from the CommCell Console and by using the CvConfigureArchiveStore utility. FSM type V2 has better caching module for optimized performance.

You can not manage the 3DFS shares that you create from the command line, from the CommCell Console or by using the CvConfigureArchiveStore utility, and vice versa.

End-of-Line (EOL) Notice

The command line method for managing 3DFS shares is now classed as end-of-line (EOL). The method will be deprecated in future service packs.

Last modified: 1/28/2019 11:07:37 AM