Commvault backs up all of the virtual machines identified on the Content tab for a subclient, including virtual machines deployed in Azure Stack Hub.

What Gets Backed Up

The following items are included in backups:

  • Disks configured by users through the Azure Stack Hub portal
  • Virtual machines configured with Azure Stack Hub unmanaged and managed disks. From these backups, you can restore full virtual machines and restore guest files and folders.

What Does Not Get Backed Up

The following items are not included in backups:

  • Files or network drives that are shared in Azure Stack Hub and mounted on a virtual machine.
  • (Microsoft Azure limitation) If a VM is deployed through a template using dynamic disks, the VM is not protected and the backup job fails.

IntelliSnap Backup Process

The backup operation includes the following stages:

  1. Discover virtual machine in the Azure Stack Hub cloud based on subclient settings.
  2. Create a client computer entry for each virtual machine discovered.
  3. Identify the virtual machines targeted for backup and the VSA proxies that can be used to perform backups. VSA proxies can be installed on Azure Stack Hub virtual machines or on local physical or virtual machines.
  4. Identify the disks associated with virtual machines targeted for backup.
  5. Create virtual machine snapshots in the Azure Stack Hub cloud. By default, Azure Stack Hub backups are crash consistent backups.
  6. Clean up the Azure Stack Hub mount point, and complete the IntelliSnap backup job.  

Backup Copy Process

The backup copy operation includes the following stages:

  1. Identify the IntelliSnap job for which the backup copy job is running.
  2. Identify all the virtual machines selected for the IntelliSnap backup during discovery process.
  3. Identify the virtual machines/disks snapshots created during IntelliSnap backup job.
  4. Assign backup streams to the proxies in a round-robin sequence, or assign all the virtual machines if single proxy is selected for backup copy operations under subclient properties.
  5. Read extents from snapshots, compute CRC and write to backup media.
  6. Clean up the Azure Stack mount point, and complete the backup job.  

Last modified: 8/10/2020 5:05:53 PM