Tape Libraries

A tape library is any library  where media can be moved between compatible libraries within a CommCell environment.

There are three components in the tape library:

  • Master drive pool

    It is a physical representation of drives within a library.

    An example of master drive pools is tape library with different drive types like LTO4 and LTO5 drives within the same library.

  • Drive pool

    Drive pool can be used to logically divide drives within a library. The drives can then be assigned to protect different jobs.

  • Scratch pool

    Scratch pool can be defined to manage media which can then be assigned to different data protection jobs. Custom scratch pools can be defined and media can be assigned to each pool. Custom barcode patterns can be defined to automatically assign specific media to different scratch pools or media can be manually be moved between scratch pools in the library.

Last modified: 3/1/2018 8:16:03 PM