Accelerating Backups to Cloud Storage Libraries

When client computers are configured to back up data to a cloud storage library, data is routed through the MediaAgent configured in the subclient from which the backup was started. Thus the data is sent to the MediaAgent first and then from the MediaAgent it is transmitted to the cloud storage library. If necessary, the client can be configured to directly send the data to the configured cloud storage library. This will speed-up the backup, and may be useful for roaming clients, like laptop backups.

Before You Begin

Install the Storage Accelerator package on the Client computer.


  1. To the Client computer, add the EnableCloudAccelarator additional setting as shown in the following table.

    For instructions on adding additional settings from the CommCell Console, see Adding or Modifying Additional Settings from the CommCell Console.











    Tip: Create a client computer group and add all the client computers that have the Storage Accelerator package installed to accelerate backups to cloud storage.

  2. Configure a cloud library using an appropriate MediaAgent as described in Creating a Cloud Library.

    Note: The Storage Accelerator package is supported with libraries that have a single mount path.

  3. Create a Storage Policy using the MediaAgent /cloud library as the data path in the storage library.

    See Storage Policy - Getting Started for more information.

  4. Associate the Storage Policy with the subclient used to backup data from the client.
  5. Run a backup from the subclient.


The backup data will be sent directly to the cloud storage library. (The name of the client will be displayed as the MediaAgent in the Job Details dialog box associated with the backup job, in the Job Controller window.)

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