IntelliSnap for Informix

Commvault software provides IntelliSnap backup and recovery solution for Informix data in your enterprise using the File System agent.

You can run backup and restore operations only on UNIX clients.

The software uses the File System agent to perform snap backup operation of Informix data, and transaction log backups are performed using the Informix agent.

Following is the high-level process to run an Informix backup and restore operation:

  1. To block the server for taking a snapshot, create a pre-snap process script.
  2. To unblock the server and run a log backup operation, create a post-snap process script.

    Note: You can avoid the first two steps by running the Informix Snap Script Creation workflow. This workflow creates a pre-snap process script and a post-snap process script in the client. It also updates the subclient properties with these scripts. To download the Informix Snap Script Creation workflow, go to the Commvault Store website, Workflows.

  3. Create a new File System subclient, and complete the following steps:
    1. Add path to Informix dbspace storage directory as content to the subclient.
    2. Add pre-snap process script and post-snap process script.
    3. Enable IntelliSnap on this subclient, and select the snap engine type.
  4. Run a full or an incremental snap backup operation from the File System subclient. Ensure to schedule transaction log backup operations.
  5. Enable backup copy for IntelliSnap backup operation.
  6. Perform a full instance restore of dbspaces.
  7. Restore transaction logs and place the Informix server online.

Last modified: 10/22/2019 5:59:24 AM