Failover a Node

By default, when a failover occurs, the operating system automatically takes care of the activities to make sure that the failover is seamless. But in the event of a power failure in one of the nodes, the failover may stall. In such a situation, a manual failover must be performed once the power the restored.


Use the following steps to perform a manual failover:

  1. Access the Virtualization Manager by typing the following URL in a Web Browser:

    https://<Control Host Name>/ovirt-engine

    For example: http://mycontrolhost.mydomian.com/ovirt-engine

  2. Click Administration Portal.
  3. Type the login credentials to access the Virtualization Manager.

    Tip: Type admin as the user name and the root password provided for the CommServe Server during the setup.

    The Dashboard will be displayed in the Red Hat Virtualization window.

  4. Click the Hosts tab.
  5. Right click the <active MediaAgent node>, click Management and then click the Confirm "host" has been Rebooted option.

    The active node is indicated with an 'yellow' icon.

    Note: Make sure that the node is rebooted before selecting this option.

  6. Click the Virtual Machines tab.
  7. Right click the Hosted Engine and then click Migrate.
  8. Click the Select Destination Host option, select the name of the node to failover from the list and then click OK.


  • The currently active MediaAgent will be migrated to the selected node.
  • If open, restart Command Center and/or CommCell Console as the existing connection will be lost as a result of the failover.

Last modified: 12/31/2018 7:42:32 PM