Support and Considerations for Index Server Cloud

The Index Server cloud provides indexing, content indexing, and search functionality to a variety of Commvault products and features. The following topic describes the products that support Index Server cloud and any limitations for Index Server cloud.

Product Support

The following table contains information about the products that support Index Server cloud:

Supporting Products and Features

Corresponding Index Server Role

Content Indexing Policy for File System Agents

File System

Edge Drive

Edge Drive

Exchange Mailbox Agent

Exchange Index

NFS ObjectStore

NFS Index

Language Support

When you create an Index Server cloud, English is automatically selected as the language of the content. You can also select an additional language that supports language tokenization:

  • Chinese
  • Japanese

During content indexing, text is split into meaningful groups of characters (tokenized). After the text is tokenized, meaningful results are returned when you search the text.

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