Setting up a Block

Before setting up the HyperScale 1.5 Appliance, setup a block consisting of 3 nodes to ensure that the correct nodes are identified and configured when the setup is run.


  1. Power on the nodes.

    Recommended: Power on 3 un-configured nodes at a time. (If you have more than 3 un-configured nodes, you can add the other nodes later.)

  2. Note down the serial number of the node displayed in the prompt as shown in the following sample image:

  3. Login using the following default credentials:

    Login: root

    Password: cvadmin

    Note: This password can be changed during setup.

  4. Navigate to the following folder:


  5. Create a block from one of the nodes using the following command:

    ./cvavahi.py set_blkid <block id> <node1 serial number> <node2 serial number> <node3 serial number>


    <block id> is an unique, unused name for the block.

    <node1 serial number> <node2 serial number> <node3 serial number> are the serial numbers associated with the nodes noted down in step2.


    ./cvavahi.py set_blkid My_New_Block ymbq001141 ymbq001142 ymbq001143

    This command should set the block. (No messages will be displayed if the block is successfully set.)

    If you see the following message:

    Could not locate avahi node with serial number xxxx1234456 please make sure cvlt avahi service is exported from this node.

    Restart the avahi service on all the nodes using the following command:

    systemctl restart avahi-daemon.service

    Verify the output of this command and ensure that the services are successfully started.

What to Do Next

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