Library and Drive Sharing Across CommCells - Overview

You can share a library and its drives between multiple CommCells. This can be done by configuring a MediaAgent, which is connected to a physical library as the Library Server. Note that the CommCell associated to this MediaAgent will be referred as source CommCell in this documentation. It is recommended to use this setup if you have a large library with a number of drives that can be used with multiple CommCells.

By using this setup, you have the ability to use all drives within a library across CommCells. This prevents drive utilization issues such as CommCell not fully using the available drives while another CommCell requires additional drives to complete the jobs.

Note: To share a library and its drives between the CommCells of different versions, start with the registration of the lower version CommCell on the higher version CommCell. For instructions, see Registering a Remote CommCell. After registration, configure a MediaAgent on the lower version CommCell as the Library Server.


Last modified: 5/31/2018 1:38:55 PM