Setting Exchange Server and Exchange Service Account Details to Restore to a Mailbox

In the Exchange Database agent properties, set the Exchange server details and Exchange service account details before restoring messages to the same mailbox or to a different mailbox.

Exchange Server Information

On-Premise Exchange Servers

The list of on-premises Exchange servers where destination Exchange mailbox resides.

You must include at least one Exchange server. If you include multiple Exchange servers, you can separate each server name with a semicolon (;), or you can type each server name in a different line.

Service Account Information

You need the service account (that is, the Exchange Service Account) user name and password. This is the account that has Exchange administrative permissions.

User Name

The user name of the service account.

Service type

The version of Exchange server that is installed on the computer where the service account is hosted. For example, Exchange 2013.

SMTP Address

SMTP address of the service account mailbox.

Profile Name

If you use a static profile, you need the name of the service account profile in Microsoft Outlook on the access node.


  • Only static profile works for restore to Public Folder for Exchange 2013 and Exchange 2016.
  • Only static profile works with Exchange 2013 and Exchange 2016.
  • The mailbox list that appears when you browse to other mailboxes is refreshed once in 24 hours.

For information about providing permissions to service accounts, see Assigning Full Access to Service Accounts for On-Premises Exchange Servers.

For information about providing permissions to EWS restore in Exchange 2019, see Prerequisites for the Exchange Mailbox Agent User Mailbox EWS On-Premises

Last modified: 1/23/2020 5:57:45 AM