InterSystems Caché Database Configuration

The following configuration is required to back up the InterSystems Caché database.

  1. Configure the client for IntelliSnap.

    The physical servers that host the InterSystems Caché installation files and databases must contain volumes that can be snapped at the hardware level.

  2. Create two backup sets.

    One backup set to contain less frequently backed up (using IntelliSnap backups) full instance components, and the other backup set to contain frequently backed up journal files.

    1. Create a backup set that will contain the full instance (installation files, databases, and journal files).

      Create a subclient for the entire instance. The content for this subclient will use the Caché moniker (for example, %CACHEDB%). You perform an IntelliSnap backup on this subclient.

      The full instance subclient must be created in a separate backup set. Do not create additional subclients under this backup set.

    2. Create a backup set that will contain the journal files.

      Create a subclient that contains the journal files.

      The content for this subclient must use the standard file system path notation.

  3. Perform a backup copy of the database backup.

    To view the full instance backup content logically, both IntelliSnap backup (with Skip Catalog option) and Backup Copy operations must be run.

Last modified: 10/29/2018 6:29:07 AM