Content Indexing Job Detail (Streams)

Use this dialog box to view the job details of an Exchange Mailbox Agent content indexing job. Use the Streams tab to determine the number of streams that are running for this job. Read and write streams are combined on the same row.


The stream number.


The status of the particular data stream for this job. For descriptions of job statuses, see Job Status Descriptions.

Size of Application

The total size of the application data that needs to be content indexed.


The MediaAgent that is used during the content indexing job.

Drive/Mount Path

The drive or mount path that is reading the data for content indexing.

Storage Policy

The storage policy of the copy to which data is being copied to.

Source Copy

Displays the name of the copy from which the data is being read.

Last modified: 7/26/2018 7:37:39 PM