Data Protection Schedule Options

The schedule options for a data protection operations.

Backup Options

When adding a data protection schedule, you can select any of the following backup types:

  • Full

    Backup all of the data.

  • Incremental

    Backs up the portion of the data that is new or that has changed since the last backup, regardless of what type of backup that was.

  • Differential

    Backs up all of the data that is new or that has changed since the last full backup.

  • Synthetic Full

    Consolidates the data from the last full backup and any subsequent incremental backups. Synthetic full backups use only the data that resides on the backup media and do not retrieve data from the source.

  • Clean Up

    Cleans up data from backups that are no longer valid.

Schedule Pattern

Add a schedule pattern to run the operation based on a variety of criteria.

  • Name

    The name of the schedule pattern as it appears in the schedule policy.

  • Frequency

    The frequency option contains different types of schedules based on the criteria you want to use to schedule the operation.

    The following frequency options are supported for this schedule type:

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