Set Up End-User Recovery for Office 365 with SharePoint Server Using Azure AD

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is a third-party identity provider that can act as the IdP when your users log on to the Web Console. To provide end-user access through the Web Console, you must register the application in Azure AD, and create a SAML application in the Command Center.

Note: You do not need to perform this task if you do not intend to provide end-user access through the Web Console.

Before You Begin


The following is a high-level description of the steps that you perform to provide end-use access through the Web Console. For more details, refer to the specific procedures.

  1. Using Azure AD, register the application.
  2. In the Command Center, create a SAML application.
  3. Using Azure AD, replace the reply URL with the one that you generated when you created the SAML application.
  4. Configure the Web Console.

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See the Command Center documentation about adding identity servers using SAML.

Last modified: 7/14/2021 4:06:00 PM