Contents for Service Pack 10

  1. In SP10, after you rename the default FSBackup set name, when you open the Postgresql instance, the system tries to open all the backup sets for the instance, and that causes the CommCell Console to lose the connection to the CommServe. 2002
  2. CVMetricManagedProxy.dll and CVMetricClient.dll are not digitally signed by Commvault. 1996
  3. Additional option to skip the indexing of documents added to review set to speed up the addition process. 1993, 1994, 1995, 1997, 2001
  4. Application backups for VSA application aware jobs fail with the following error in the JobManager.log when the Application VM is moved from one VSA client to another. "4400 3f28 11/17 12:18:09 452388 Scheduler Failed to initialize parent client object. 4400 3f28 11/17 12:18:09 452388 Scheduler Failed to set proxy for VSA AppAware." 1986
  5. Edge Audit Report 1985
  6. Linux 1-Touch backup might fail for SLES 12.x machines that have multipath disks attached 1974
  7. Linux 1-Touch : generated DVD4 might fail to boot on VMs hosted on OracleVM hypervisor 1974
  8. Linux 1-touch: cannot run create_1tchbootcd.sh as a pre/post script 1973
  9. Hotadd backups may fail with an timeout error on the HotAdd mutex. 1970
  10. EvMgrS.exe could consume extra memory during CI Browse 1965
  11. Fix to address issues that come up when removing automatically shared IP controller with large number of mount paths. 1968
  12. After running backup for 2 days, it throws 'TokenExpire' exception and download fails. 1964
  13. for download failure case, the next job does not pickup the failed items. 1964
  14. When installing update, CvClodBkp does not stop. 1964
  15. Exchange index retention sometimes may not run when the pseudo client contains the database agent. 1966, 1969
  16. During reconstruction of Index, if a Synthetic Full job is run in parallel with an Incremental job, and finishes later, the Incremental job is picked ahead during reconstruction. 1961, 1962, 1963
  17. GPFS backup does not backup all files if a file with a tab in the filename exists. 1952
  18. Multiple jobs are getting started from automatic schedule for agents that don't support synthetic full 1949, 1950, 1951, 1956
  19. Enhancement for supporting web console browse of exchange online mailbox with AZURE AD user. 1948
  20. Fix for CSV file parsing failure errors. 1946, 1947
  21. Lotus Notes DB restore may fail. 1944, 1945
  22. Support is needed to inherit quota from user account on OpenVMS. 1943
  23. Job Manager might get hung when Virtualize Me job is running 1933
  24. Add library to enhance sentence tokenization 1932, 1938
  25. Divide names into first names and last names 1932, 1938
  26. Make Spacy default for NER. 1932, 1938
  27. When the qoperation execute activity returns an XML error response, the XML is not outputted in the outputXml output. 1915
  28. Playback delay index is returning the wrong version of the file in some cases when the file is backed up and stubbed in the same job. 1913
  29. Web analytics throws cross origin issue when sites opened within Commvault network. 1912
  30. Support for dual authorization before searching in Compliance Search. 1908
  31. Exchange Index Server is out of memory. 1906
  32. Support for concurrent synthetic full and incremental backup jobs for snap backups. 1907, 1910, 1911
  33. OpenStack data protection operations were failing if Cinder API endpoint version 1 was not available. 1885
  34. For OpenStack, added additional setting for proxy to specify a tenant name for a scoped keystone request. 1885
  35. Azure application discovery was missing mailboxes that had Unicode characters. 1884
  36. Increased debugging levels for discovery in Azure Active Directory. 1884
  37. Discovery was failing when a user account with the same SMTP address was found on Azure Active Directory. 1884
  38. Update the index whether an item needs to be archived or not. 1881
  39. data aging on stand by instance alone backups not aging piece in RMAN 1880
  40. Archived messages do not restore to a PST file as expected. 1865
  41. Content indexing job stop responding. 1865
  42. Installing the software might fail on an AIX client with the error "Could not load program svc_ctrl". 1859
  43. Changes to build java binaries. 1858
  44. Cumulative VAIO changes 1852
  45. Cumulative BLR changes 1849
  46. For deleted users in New Mailbox Agent, the restore stubs fail. 1848
  47. Connections to Azure storage fail with an SSL error. 1845
  48. A fixed VHD disk-based VM might boot into repair mode. 1844
  49. The Recoverability SLA and the Copy Redundancy SLA sections of the Health Report display duplicate VMs and excluded clients. 1840, 1841, 1842
  50. New registry key to control the functionality to preserve folder timestamps 1838
  51. Feature is allowed for basic FS use case only 1838
  52. Distributed restores may get stuck if the feature is enabled 1838
  53. Timestamps for some folders may not get applied 1838
  54. Items failure in a mailbox should not be treated as phase completed withe errors. 1836
  55. Transaction logs for point-in-time browses complete with errors. 1834
  56. Analytic engine may not be accessible immediately after a service pack install 1828
  57. Fixing VM Snap Restore failures with error, "MountVM_SNAP() - Re-register failed for VM." 1830
  58. A Web Job Summary report uses a large amount of SQL resources. 1829, 1832, 1833
  59. A Storage Policy report shows different baseline sizes of the DDB when compared to the sizes that are shown in the Storage Policy Copy Properties dialog box. 1829, 1832, 1833
  60. A default backup set for SAP HANA multi-tenant instances should be excluded from the SLA. 1829, 1832, 1833
  61. Front End Terabytes (FET) is counted more than once in Chargeback report for VM protected from multiple subclients. 1822, 1823
  62. Disk Library Growth report does not consider reserved space. 1822, 1823
  63. For Data Cube integration with file system agent, crawl schedule was not working and an exclude filter was required. 1819
  64. Restore process hangs when you restore hard-linked files. 1810
  65. Lib7z.dll is not signed and stamped by Commvault. 1809
  66. In cluster configuration, automatic schedule will try to start jobs frequent or at the same time. 1791
  67. Support installation on non-microsoft cluster client computer. 1802, 1805
  68. Exchange stub icon in offline mode is not displayed. 1801
  69. Fix in locale lookup for the Web Server. 1800
  70. UNIX CDR (ContinuousDataReplicator) does not show the last replication time in the CDR monitor console. 1798
  71. Content Indexing pruning might fail. 1796
  72. Admin Console Archiving solution did not work if index server was not configured. 1793, 1794
  73. Fixes to limit resource usage when extracting entities. 1790
  74. Log an event on CommServe if connection to license server is broken for more than 24 hours. 1776, 1777, 1778
  75. Text extracted from Excel files have lot of unwanted characters 1775
  76. If there are errors processing the filters, the job will continue without filtering VMs. 1774
  77. Client association to schedule policy from within client group might be removed when client group owner is changed. 1769, 1771
  78. Adding the filters on files which are allowed for entity extraction. 1766, 1770, 1773
  79. The Exchange Index Server playback might fail with byte order mark (BOM) character in the subject. 1764
  80. System state restores are failing. 1760
  81. If Windows deduplication is configured on a volume, the progress bar reaches 70 earlier than expected. 1759
  82. Backup and Restore was not supported for Oracle Services Instances. 1754, 1758
  83. Synthetic full backups for Laptop Smart Content and Lync might not carry forward necessary data from the previous cycle. 1755, 1757, 1761
  84. Synthetic full backups might fail for retention value set to number of years greater than 68 years. 1755, 1757, 1761
  85. Windows File System backup operation on Windows XP does not work. 1752
  86. Laptop package installations on Mac client computers might go into pending state at the end of the installation. 1743
  87. Localizing strings. 1742, 1746
  88. New enhancements to the send log files operation to upload the client data. 1741
  89. Loading of My Data in the Web Console might fail for organization users if mailbox delegation is enabled. 1734
  90. After they are synchronized, deduplication engines on v10 MediaAgents are still out of synchronization with the CommServe system. 1727
  91. Live Sync replication in Admin Console fails if multiple destination targets are specified. 1728, 1730
  92. The cvmfsj and cvdlp drivers are not supported for the Windows 2008 operating system. 1725
  93. Push installations might fail to transfer the payload because of permission issues. 1722
  94. Ransomware alert will get trigger if the volume that hosts JR folder is unmounted/not available. 1716
  95. VAIO Logging Enhancements 1699
  96. localization fails due to line break in clientmessages properties file 1696
  97. Virtual machine client properties for migrated clients do not display any results. 1698, 1700
  98. Documentation search improvement 1688, 1691
  99. Job Summary report for Archive jobs was showing no data. 1689, 1690
  100. Compaction might fail 1680
  101. Single Sign-On for Admin Console fails if the user name or the full name of the user contains unicode characters. 1677, 1678, 1679, 1681
  102. It may take longer time than necessary for the scan if "System State Backup" is not selected, because we run system state filters. 1662
  103. PostgreSQL child backup has incorrect instance ID for the standby server. 1661
  104. Patch installer should display a failure message when it cannot acquire the Mutex. 1667
  105. Downloading UNIX packages failed due to proxy authentication. 1666, 1669
  106. Retry file download when web exception response is null. 1665
  107. Notes Database restore operation fails because of invalid CommServe name. 1658
  108. Support backup copy of Windows Image Copy backups. 1657
  109. Cumulative BLR fixes 1654
  110. DR backup browse location always prompts for a password using Network location. 1645
  111. When content indexing a user mailbox for imported exchange data, the process crashes. 1646
  112. During Nimble VSA snap unmap operations, the ESX server HBA refresh at the end was not happening in some cases and was leaving behind dead paths, especially in ESX clusters. 1643
  113. Synthetic Full could fail to carry forward moved stubs under certain conditions. 1639
  114. Synthetic full could fail if System Scan is enabled in schedules. 1639
  115. Exchange mailbox's archive job sometimes may fail to backup the mailbox's meta data files. 1638
  116. SIDB2 conversion freely allowed increasing chances for poor performance post conversion. 1627, 1630, 1631
  117. SIDB2 crash on running command line option for conversion. 1627, 1630, 1631
  118. The value of the Application Data Ready to be Freed field is shown as zero for global deduplication storage policy (GDSP) primary copies. 1621, 1622
  119. A clustered WebServer was not appearing in the URL tab of the WebServer. Only individual nodes were listed. 1616
  120. API call to Laptop Client List may fail in case the user has access to VMs. 1611, 1614
  121. For the network share UNIX data agent for NetApp, a backup copy job from a non-cataloged snapshot was going into a pending state if a backup copy from an earlier snapshot job was aged on the snapshot copy. 1601
  122. Synthetic full may not back up all qualified items. 1599
  123. Job option to start the job in suspended state is not available for SendlogFiles and 'Virtualize Me' jobs. 1597
  124. For version 10 of the IBM Notes Add-In, offline recalls were failing. 1596
  125. CvFailover hits exception when sending mail if sync of CvCloud fails. 1595
  126. When there was a network issue, some restore jobs were not processing all items. 1593
  127. AMI field was not editable and an option could be selected only from the dropdown list. 1589, 1590
  128. Documentation search improvement 1586, 1587
  129. 1-Touch for Linux: backups might fail for SLES 12+ with multipath devices. 1583
  130. VirtualizeME for a VM that was previously restored with VirtualizeME with automatic disk layout might fail to boot up. 1583
  131. System state backup on a multi instance installation might fail 1583
  132. 1 touch restore fails and recovered machine goes into rescue mode when we use efi architecture machine. 1583
  133. Linux 1-Touch: response file creation might fail if OS incorrectly marks local disks are removable 1583
  134. Loading of client list in the CommCell Console is taking more than expected time and is possibly timing out with an XML error. 1584, 1585, 1588
  135. Compaction process can crash db in rare race condition 1581
  136. CVD may crash while reading from dedup chunks. 1579
  137. File Analytics job fails if the files have been modified between 1990 and 2001. 1578
  138. Cloud library using Azure Blob RA-GRS (Read-Access Geo-Redundant Storage) replication may fail to use secondary server. 1576
  139. DDN WOS Cloud library may fail to upload files. 1576
  140. Notes Database backups might hang. 1577
  141. EvMgrS may start a number of worker threads. 1574, 1575
  142. License Details History may report zero size for Enterprise Backup Size. 1571, 1572, 1573
  143. Enhancement for backup caching reservation feature to allow backup job to use cached resources from other subclients from the same storage policy. 1562, 1564, 1567
  144. Don't fail Exchange Mailbox Archive job due to "Failed to Upload Metadata" error message. 1561
  145. Exchange Mailbox Archive job marked successful even if ArchiveIndex phase fails. 1561
  146. Support for protecting Azure managed VMs without a registry key 1559
  147. ASM Diskgroup resources are not cleaned up after ASM unmount 1552
  148. command line restore fails when single jobid is disabled. 1551
  149. Browse and Restore might not work. 1548, 1549, 1560
  150. Added security checks in Create Organization workflow. 1545, 1546
  151. Upgrade failure in the post-upgrade phase. 1542, 1543, 1544
  152. Clicking on the "Ok" button on the "Route Settings" dialog box of an outgoing route that is configured on a client group part of the topology will remove the remote proxy configured for the route. 1539
  153. Creating a company that contains unicode characters fails from the Admin Console. 1536, 1537, 1540
  154. CommCell Migration (CCM) might capture unwanted instances. 1534, 1535
  155. CommCell Migration (CCM) might not capture all selected subclients. 1534, 1535
  156. Creating an Oracle RAC pseudo-client might fail. 1532
  157. If Boot Configuration Data Store (BCD) fails, the machine will not boot. 1531
  158. The mount status update expiry interval has been changed to a higher value for HDS snap engine. If the software is upgraded to a newer version or a new service pack, the changed higher value might be overwritten with the default value. 1530, 1533
  159. We added registry key support so that VSA jobs complete, even though appaware fails. 1521
  160. Adding VAIO log streaming capability 1512
  161. The IBM i LPAR does not start after a Disaster Recovery (1-Touch) backup. 1515
  162. The IBM i LPAR does not start after a Disaster Recovery (1-Touch) recovery. 1515
  163. 'Qlist jobhistory' command from REST API fails and crashes w3wp.exe. 1511
  164. A delayed archive bit should not be honored for OnePass jobs. 1510
  165. The "Create a Hadoop pseudo client" dialog box displays the clients that are not visible to the tenant user as available data access nodes. 1501, 1502
  166. The Web service produces an error if an empty password is used to create a file server from Admin console. 1500
  167. Logging Enhancement 1498
  168. Synthetic full backup job may fail during the Archive Index phase. 1497, 1499
  169. For the Oracle RAC Live Sync feature, there is no shown destination. 1490
  170. If by making local changes to web.config, the HTTPs is enabled on the web server, then the changes can get lost upon service pack installation. 1492, 1495
  171. If the workflow calls the search API and then sends a return code to cancel the search API execution, the search API doesn't respond to the return code and doesn't cancel its execution. 1492, 1495
  172. Volume size update is backlogged as it may not get distributed among all available device controller MediaAgents. 1491, 1493, 1494
  173. Azure Gov - Unable to browse subclient content 1487
  174. You can now clear the data source when the reanalyze option is selected. 1479
  175. The CRE might throw an exception for Solr data sets. 1480
  176. Logging Enhancement 1478
  177. Sync source with backup index operation might fail for content indexed jobs. 1473
  178. Not able to use FS with Oracle Image Copy. 1468
  179. Browse and restore is changed to Hyper-V for a VMware virtualization client. 1465
  180. Login using pythonSDK package might fail with 'ImportError: No module named Crypto' 1469, 1476
  181. Open exchange browse page and change one of the params to injectable JS code and make sure the page doesn't execute that code. E.g. use <script>prompt(document.cookie)</script> 1464
  182. SharePoint farm pseudo-client browse is slow to show client data. 1475
  183. FLA report may show repeated data. 1470
  184. Azure backups fail. 1467, 1472
  185. Evmgrs consumes large amount of memory at times when AD user login fails. 1466
  186. Evmgrs crashes in SAML login when other CS is down 1466
  187. When the user applies the GUI filter in CommServe job history, Failed Files and Failed Folders filter drop down list displays duplicate values for selection and shows each value twice. 1460
  188. Unable to create companies with Virtualization / Snap Plan from Admin Console. 1463, 1471
  189. SNMP Trap alert messages are not properly decoded due to missing trap OID in SNMP Trap Daemon application. 1462
  190. A job to move a mount path was failing with a sparse file write error. 1461
  191. When an archive file validation operation and a deduplication pruning operation run at the same time, deduplication stores might not honor no-pruning operation windows. 1444
  192. Greenplum backups can terminate abruptly when PSQL output is empty 1442
  193. Virtual machines (VM) that are stored on NFS storage and backed up in hotadd mode by a proxy computer that is not on the same host as the VM, may experience a delay during snapshot consolidation. 1440
  194. Snapshot license usage may be incorrectly reported for Meditech agents. 1431
  195. Third-party login credentials might not work. 1433, 1434
  196. The Exchange Online PowerShell Get-Mailboxes script fails when the user name and password contain a special character. 1432
  197. PowerShell output failed because of the error: "char in mailbox dn". 1432
  198. Fix to clean logs from index cache when index server is changed. 1429
  199. Failing to create a recovery point for DAG clients that were created using Version 9 Commvault software. 1430
  200. In a cluster configuration, automatic schedule will try to start jobs frequently or at the same time. 1428
  201. Cloning a schedule policy is causing the CommCell Console to freeze if that schedule policy is created by another user. 1425
  202. Block-level backups on setups configured as clusters may fail. 1423
  203. File analytics scans now update the file count progress. 1409
  204. EvMgrS may gradually increase its memory usage. 1407
  205. Stubbing filter adjustments for archiving point solution charts. 1398
  206. Live mounted Virtual machines do not expire within the specified time period in some situations. 1395
  207. Amazon snapshot backup jobs may fail due to RequestLimitExceeded error or an Empty Response. 1394
  208. VM client properties for migrated clients does not show any results. 1385, 1387
  209. SAP/Hana Data only restores with no Catalog is not working 1380
  210. If the executor user id is deleting from the CommServe database while there are running jobs, these jobs will be stuck in the workflow engine database causing them to be stuck in the CommServe job controller. 1373
  211. The folder size computation might delay the index playback process. 1372
  212. If nested mount points have different device IDs and no corresponding mtab entries, then the scan might fail. 1368
  213. Fix for index checkpoint process crash. 1364
  214. During backups, when reading a collect file, if an entry appears as malformed, the subsequent items in that collect file might not be backed up. 1366
  215. Deduplication database (DDB) query insert performance might be low. 1363
  216. In certain cases, the storage policy copy associated with VSA application aware data is not deleted. 1359, 1360, 1361
  217. Exported zip file includes denied items 1356
  218. Redundant logs are printed in PruneDM2 1356
  219. Generated handlers, federated datasource, and reviewset which belong to a deleted task are still available 1356
  220. The BlrSvc.log file might show that the Journal has dirty errors even after a clean shutdown. 1348
  221. SIDB process may crash 1345
  222. Backup and restore operations run slower than expected. 1339
  223. Sometimes multi-stream synthetic full job completes with "Completed with errors" status. 1334, 1335, 1336
  224. 1. Fix the disk clean up rules for Network File System (NFS) to say 100% instead of 80% and 50% for the disk water marking rules. 2. Fix to include the file list for each category. 3. Add "cmd" and "sys" file extensions to the exclusions list for archiving. 4. Fix to show the server backup plan instead of the VSA plan in archiving solution. 1332, 1333
  225. Jobs might fail with the error message "Mount path does not have enough space". 1330
  226. Communications Services (CVD) crashes with a segmentation fault and stack that shows job-related parsing functions. 1319
  227. Prevent disaster recovery from deleting files from the root folder when staging directory set by the registry key is not accessible. 1322
  228. Communication Services (CVD) crashes when a whitelist is populated for the message queue because there is a large number of MediaAgents. 1318
  229. A SAP oracle online_cons command line backup that should use a single job ID does not use one job ID when there is a parallel log backup job. 1317
  230. For any log backups during data phase, the log backup pieces should be marked as DATA archive file type. 1317
  231. BLR not detecting VMDK additionals/removals 1316
  232. Storage Information Report doesn't show all spare media when Spare option is selected. 1314, 1315
  233. Removing lingering CRP snaps causes a spike in replicated I/O 1301
  234. Clustered Hyper-V VMs with pass-through disks might fail to backup with an error that the virtual machine is configured with a mixture of volume types. 1299
  235. The IIS admin service might not come up after a 1-Touch restore. 1290
  236. Live browse from a synthetic full backup was failing because of reduced application size compared to a previous full or synthetic full. 1284
  237. Various BLR fixes 1285
  238. The review set handler runs out of memory while importing data. 1276, 1278
  239. Downloading emails from Compliance Search may fail after running a synthetic full backup job. 1255, 1271
  240. doc search improvement 1255, 1271
  241. Some customers set the cloud data path chunk size to a very low value because of a previous recommendation that is not valid anymore. 1268, 1269
  242. The journal mailbox cleanup operation might not prune archived messages. 1266
  243. NetApp C-Mode 9.1 P3 sends an empty NDMP restore error message as a response to the MOVER_CLOSE command in NAS auxiliary copy. This causes the auxiliary copy job to fail. As a workaround for this NetApp bug, ignore the empty NDMP restore error message. 1265
  244. Virtual Server Backup jobs might not get removed from the Job Controller after completion. 1256
  245. Security information is not getting saved in alert if custom role is used. 1254
  246. Tenant Admin can see all company names while using Smart Client Computer Groups (SCG) rule of "Company Client Provider Associations". 1257, 1260
  247. Enhancement to configure number of days to cleanup an index that doesn't belong to a given index server. 1252
  248. Export to CSV or HTML request does not get submitted from a review set in Compliance Search site when using Internet Explorer with compatibility mode. 1240
  249. Pushing failed items to Solr during analytics scan. 1220
  250. Updating a UNIX instance with customized OEM script name ''Galaxy'' may fail. 1219
  251. When more than 64 vsbkp processes were running on the same machine, backups were failing with IPC initialization errors. 1215
  252. Installation of clients across FW can take up to an hour 1208
  253. VSA AppAware backup copy jobs might fail for certain jobs in selective backup copy configuration. 1204, 1205
  254. Jobs in the Storage Policy Copies Report are taking a long time. 1195, 1197, 1198
  255. Block-level backups fail on Solaris when taking a snapshot of file systems larger than 1 TB. 1186
  256. The data center refresh gets details of all VMs instead of getting only a basic refresh. 1180
  257. The gateway VM template browse does not appear in the dialog box if the template isn't present in the root level of ESX. 1180
  258. Some reports in the Other Reports section do not run as expected. 1176
  259. Browse could display incorrect directory structure for NAS 1175
  260. MediaAgent services might have to be restarted to increase the number of extra deduplication pruner threads. 1163
  261. Enhancement to allow up to a maximum default value of 3 deduplication pruner threads for a given deduplication store on a MediaAgent. 1163
  262. Support for reconstructing only the latest cycle for a database. 1165, 1166, 1167
  263. Unable to create Virtual Server Agent pseudo-client when logged in as a tenant user. 1149
  264. Restores using Exchange Live Browse might stop responding. 1146
  265. The EMMGRS service stops responding when the memberof attribute value is empty for users in the Active Directory. 1144
  266. Block-level snap backup might fail when an inline auxiliary copy is configured. 1143, 1147
  267. Loading inherited security association is slow. 1131, 1132
  268. Cumulative BLR fixes 1112
  269. To work around the drill holes limitation on HyperScale, automatically start a DV2 space reclamation job for scale-out configured mount paths. 1110, 1111
  270. To work around the drill holes limitation on HyperScale, automatically start a DV2 space reclamation job for scale-out configured mount paths. 1108, 1109
  271. The system does not load the UNIX archiving driver on the first archiving job. 1102
  272. Silent installation might fail when answer file name is only default as documented. 1100
  273. Windows File System iDA: The system is not able to update "Exclude from SLA and Strike Counts" option on block level subclients. 1099
  274. VAIO in-ram queue overflows with slow proxy and high VM I/O 1094
  275. Azure backup operations stop responding. 1075
  276. Creating a recovery point fails. 1065
  277. Optimization for cinder operations on EMC VNX array using the SnapCopy attribute. 1055
  278. Log streaming may not work in cloud.commvault.com. 1051, 1052
  279. Optimisation of Web Console MY DATA pages. 1049, 1050
  280. Some customers set the cloud data path chunk size to a very low value because of a previous recommendation that is not valid anymore. 1030, 1031
  281. A database upgrade fails when the SQL server has inconsistent performance counters. 1028, 1029
  282. Browse could display incorrect directory structure for NAS 1023
  283. Job Summary report adding extra n/a when outputting as CSV 1020
  284. The clbackup executable might crash while collecting security information for SRM. 1018
  285. When the -wfi option is enabled, the ArchiveIndex should wait for index playback to complete. 1013
  286. Dm2Webbusiness on Form 39663 failing to build. 1010
  287. For NetApp Open replication, when the On-Demand services stop functioning properly and the auxiliary copy operation is reattempted, the job might fail with error "Failed to create replica snaps for primary snap". 1004
  288. Synthetic full or backup data browse operation might fail if Indexing V2 client runs some backup jobs with hard link feature enabled and some without it. 997
  289. Synthetic full job might fail. 996
  290. Synthetic full job could skip part of the last incremental job. 995
  291. Running a job immediately is not available when schedules are viewed at the CommCell level. 992
  292. We have added some performance optimizations for recovery points. 979
  293. Creating a recovery point fails. 974
  294. Temporary files might not be deleted during a Virtual Server Agent file-level restore if the compressed file name includes Unicode characters. 973
  295. Restricted visibility users are able to see health, dashboard and SLA icons on the CommCell Console. 968
  296. Oracle Live Sync configure is displaying data masking dialog for Chinese console. 967
  297. CSFailover differential sync operation might fail. 965
  298. FBR MediaAgent list is not filtered based on user objects. 936, 938
  299. Test Upgrade fails when using V11 SP9. 931, 934
  300. CVCloud Upgrade is failing due to database error: Procedure [cvsp_setPermissionsOnUsers] Failed. 928, 930
  301. IntelliSnap backup jobs might not prune correctly. 923, 926, 927
  302. For SQL Server, block-level mining is failing with a "file not found" SQL exception error. 918
  303. BLR reporting generic errors on destination 916
  304. User account management does not change domain password. 908, 910
  305. In a Vault to Mirror configuration, jobs on mirror copy are not getting selected in some cases when source of the mirror copy is a selective Vault Copy. 902, 903
  306. Exchange mailbox webconsole browse sometimes may not work with the Solr MultiNode index server. 888
  307. If there is a hardware refresh done on a Commserve, remote web-servers and workflow engines might be not be able to access the CommServ database until their registry is manually updated with the new password for sqlexec_cv login. 885, 886, 887
  308. Edge drive operations like create folder/upload etc. are failing for the reshares. 881, 883
  309. Restore operations run slower than expected. 869
  310. Get client properties is slow on a scale setup. 865, 866
  311. Login is failing or taking more than expected time. 861, 862, 863
  312. When NetApp OCUM member pruning is enabled, if a NetApp volume/LUN is deleted from a subclient and the corresponding volume is also deleted from the primary fileserver, then member pruning inadvertently deletes all secondary volumes that correspond to the entire storage policy copy, instead of deleting only the secondary volumes that correspond to the primary volume that was deleted. 858
  313. When NetApp OCUM member pruning is enabled, if a filer volume is shared among multiple subclients that use the same storage policy and if the volume is deleted from only one of the subclients, then the corresponding secondary volume (which holds the data for the second subclient) might get inadvertently deleted. 858
  314. Client installation was failing with the following error: "Backup infrastructure is currently unavailable. Please try later. If problem persists, contact your administrator." 854, 855, 859
  315. Enhancement to support different target Commserve hosts returned by preconfiguration workflow. 854, 855, 859
  316. Blocking the RepickSnapJobsOnCopy qscript. Repicking snaps for backup copy caused issues with synthetic full backups and snap differential backups. 851, 853
  317. Added an enhancement that allows the use of the Data Path MediaAgent as a proxy for movement to tape and snap backup. 840
  318. Data analytics reports on files were not working when the File Access Time option was used. 839
  319. Hyper-V file restores were failing for Linux destinations. 837
  320. If the Change Journal scan method is selected, file system scan takes more time than expected. 825
  321. Enhancement to allow a read-only Windows MediaAgent for content indexing job even if the MediaAgent is not in data path list. 822, 824
  322. Enhancements for the Profile Task feature at CommCell level. 814, 815, 816
  323. Full backup for SAP HANA database might hang and fail with a resource issue. 812, 813
  324. Virtual machine browse operation times out before response is received. 810
  325. CS failover enhancements 802
  326. Progressive CVD open handle growth in firewalled environment 800
  327. SLA (Service Level Agreement) report does not count IntelliSnap jobs when backup copy is configured. 797, 798, 799
  328. Enhancement: Web SLA report now supports foreign clients of EDC cells. 797, 798, 799
  329. Synthetic full backup can drop valid system state data under certain conditions. 794
  330. Add FsRestoreHead and CVArchive counters for troubleshooting restore and synthetic full issues. 792
  331. Mark chunk as bad and corresponding jobs as verification failed when the chunk metadata file has 0 values for mpid or volumeid or chunkid, for the corresponding link. 790
  332. CVD may crash during an index restore operation. 789
  333. CVODS process might crash when streams are failing while performing a SnapVault or a SnapMirror operation using scalable resource allocation option. 769
  334. In-place restore of a virtual machine with multiple NICs on same subnet results in grouping of IPs on a single NIC. 758
  335. The Oracle restore operation with dynamic listener fails with TNS connectivity error during the control file restore operation. 750
  336. RMAN backupset tuning parameters max open files, section size & fileperset for INCR backups will not be used on registry key. 747
  337. Virtual lab summary page is not showing details. 741, 744
  338. Virtual lab fails when it contains special characters (single quote). 741, 744
  339. VSA application-aware backup jobs might incorrectly configure the Active Directory (AD) plug-in on a virtual machine with File System Agent installed. 735, 737, 739
  340. VSA application-aware backup jobs might fail if the virtual machine login or password has special characters. 735, 737, 739
  341. VSA application-aware backup jobs might partially succeed if no applications are found on a virtual machine. 735, 737, 739
  342. SQL exception while creating companies and upgrading saml apps 722, 723
  343. Oracle table restore jobs sent critical event when Rman recovery fails 712
  344. Table export location is not shown in events 712
  345. The Shortpath API was failing based on a registry key setting at the time of folder creation causing backup and restore to fail. 711
  346. VM Tags not getting restored. 707
  347. Web-level restore was failing for some templates after an incremental or client-side object model (CSOM) full backup operation. 704
  348. ClbackupXP.exe crashes while backing up system state of a Windows XP computer. 703
  349. Nimble VSA iSCSI based LUN snap backup operation might fail if the array management interface is configured as a different interface than iSCSI discovery interfaces. Newly-created Nimble storage array might not be replicated to the configured partners. 698
  350. The event manager process might stop responding, and users might not log on to the CommCell Console. 699, 700
  351. Login operation from web console might fail. 694
  352. Cloud library for StorageGRID S3 may take a very long time for pruning. 692, 695
  353. Prevent the prune process from deleting the folder if the cloud server returned incorrect response for the file list. 692, 695
  354. EvMgrS.exe service was stopping while checking the properties of a disk library. 692, 695
  355. Azure Cloud Library creation fails with "invalid value was specific for one of the query parameter" error. 692, 695
  356. Creating Cloud library for WOS DDN might fail. 692, 695
  357. Delayed archive bit reset feature should be disabled for a OnePass operation. 690
  358. Subclient name fix to exclude deleted or hidden subclients. 691, 693
  359. CI is failing in cloud environment 683, 684, 685
  360. Unable to browse with solr cloud 681
  361. v11Sp10 upgrade fails if any third party app is configured. 678, 679
  362. The vskbkp operation might stop responding while collecting metadata. 671
  363. Admin Console does not display as expected when it is in iFrame mode. 677
  364. DR - Changing DR location is failing in Sp9 with acquire lock timed out error 670
  365. Exchange Virtual Cloud with the classic search engine sometimes may not work. 668, 676
  366. When the To My Mailbox option is selected for journal index data, the job is not submitted and no data is restored. 649
  367. The OpenVMS File System Agent start and stop services do not work as expected. 644
  368. The firewall configuration file might be empty for a client that was upgraded out-of-place. 643
  369. The software might stop responding when the range lock on the Cluster Shared Volume File System (CSVFS) file is released. 642
  370. When multiple backup sets are defined for the NAS File System Agent, incremental and differential backup job operations fail with an error indicating that only full backups are allowed when you use multiple backup sets. 639
  371. The CommCell Console services hang during restart operations. This happened during Service Pack installations and in previous cases. 630
  372. The Quarterly Business Review Report might show an invalid license type named "Default Application Type Name" under Licensing Information. 619, 620
  373. Index state warning status was not shown correctly. 619, 620
  374. Extend device node cleanup to include SCSI adapter and volume snapshot. 614
  375. Metrics Reporting Server - Storage Resources Summary report might not show the correct CommServe host name. 610
  376. Backup jobs might fail with Query Timeout error in close chunk if auxiliary copy jobs are in progress. 609, 613
  377. New VAIO package layout 596
  378. Deleting a job on a storage policy copy might fail 592, 593
  379. Media Information Report is taking longer time to run when Storage Policy filter is applied. 583, 586
  380. Analytics Server is not excluded from the SLA report. 583, 586
  381. VSA Linux file-level restore operations and UNIX snapshot restore operations fail. 577
  382. The Exchange Mailbox V2 Archive job crashes when processing stubs. 576
  383. We added a Journal Policy option called "Save Conversation Index" for Journal Mailbox. 576
  384. When stubbing, the Exchange OnePass agent gives the following message: Skipping stubbing for invalid metadata line. 564
  385. The auxiliary copy process might crash during the offline Content Indexing job with illegal memory access. 552
  386. We improved the performance of the Automatic association Preview option in the Client Group property dialog box. 549
  387. For the clients that have been de-configured, users are not able to perform the Virtualize Me operation. 541
  388. Crash while compaction when there are invalid entries in location table. 540
  389. Crash in CVODS when querying not backed up stubbing candidate 540
  390. Performance fixes for populating the Advanced Client Properties dialog box. 532
  391. CVCMD Restore out of place command structure change. 530, 531
  392. For Dell Compellent snap backup jobs, when Proxyless option is selected, the VSA backup copy jobs might fail in mount phase. 529
  393. RpStore log line was filling the BlrSvc.log file. 498
  394. Solaris 10 was failing to install. 497
  395. Block-level restore operations from Oracle ZFS mounts were causing restore operations to hang. 493
  396. Fix problem saving changes made to DR configuration through DR Backup Configuration wizard user interface. 490
  397. EvMGrs on prodcommserver is leaking handles 485
  398. Install SP and Hotfixes is not applicable to excluded groups when all client groups checkbox is selected. 477, 479
  399. Improve performance of register client jobs. 473, 474
  400. Stop searching for page files after a file is found on the first volume. This prevents searching for additional page files on additional volumes that are attached to the virtual machine. 472
  401. Index that is restored might be corrupted and can not be used for the Browse and Restore operation. 471
  402. UNIX LREP IntelliSnap backup using a proxy succeeds, but has failed files if the source machine snaps root and the proxy machine has separate mount points for directories that also exist within the source root snap. 466
  403. The CommCell Console is slower when many users with different permissions are logged in. 457, 458
  404. A new Virtual Server Agent subclient and backup set cannot be created. 451
  405. When using a Cloud Storage as library/mount path, jobs might go to pending state after writing 1 TB of data per stream. 453, 454, 455
  406. View failed items operation for the Linux File System under the NAS pseudo client fails. 452
  407. Synchronizing source with index operation might fail for network share backup jobs. 443
  408. BLR should preserve RP points across start/stop operations 436
  409. The option "Associate with schedule policy" does not work for the users with restricted capabilities. 431
  410. Deleted folder items not reported in analytics scan. 428
  411. The failback workflow might start replication jobs for other VMs in the subclient. 423, 424
  412. Enhancement to set a limit for the maximum number of jobs to be processed by the auxiliary copy operation. 420, 421, 422
  413. Improve the performance of client loading. Computing the hardware and Operating System information takes time when loading the client list, which causes a delay. 417, 418, 419
  414. Limit the number of jobs used to run auxiliary copy operations. 414
  415. In a busy CommCell Console environment, the firewall summary generation might take a long time to complete. 403, 406, 408
  416. On certain filers, creating files during a recall might fail if the access system security is provided, regardless of all the members having the required privileges. 397
  417. Subclients that are configured with only Archiver retention [Days based] and retention set to infinite, are still pruning invalid and unavailable stubs. 397
  418. CS failover enhancements 399, 402
  419. In a large environment, loading the clients in the CommCell Console takes longer than expected. 389
  420. Block-level backup mining fails if the DNS alias is used as the host name. You cannot access the share using the DNS alias. 384
  421. Browse with copy precedence should not try to contact the primary MediaAgent unless the media is not available. 383
  422. The SQL database is not retained in the Do Not Backup subclient. 375, 378, 382, 387
  423. Added methods to set and get the name-value pair property for a VM RP store. 370
  424. New jobs might refer to links with no mount path and chunk information. 359
  425. The SIDB2 process does not exit and the bad chunks marker thread runs in loops. 358
  426. The file system crawler does not enter the local host name when it crawls the local paths. 355
  427. If the entry in the Copy field includes capital letter, the operation might fail during the push phase. 355
  428. Multinode proxyless backup copy operations for VSA using a Dell EqualLogic array fail on the second VSA proxy. 354
  429. We currently check the "isFileBrowse" parameter in restore job options, which mixes up VM agent restores and agentless restores. 346
  430. We have added methods to set and get the name value pair property for a VM RP store. 344
  431. The CommCell Readiness Report might display the error message, "Subclient backup disabled". 335, 336, 338
  432. The deduplication database (DDB) partition counts per MediaAgent is showing incorrect value for sealed SIDBs. 332, 333
  433. ContentStore mailbox index cache size sometimes might grow on the archive index's MediaAgent. 323, 324, 325
  434. Full org restore: CSV export fails with the message " in the FROM clause have the same exposed names. Use correlation names to distinguish them." 319
  435. Backup fails if the '>' character is in the database name. 312
  436. Exchange IndexServer SolrCloud Enhancement. 305, 306, 307, 309
  437. The auxiliary copy process is crashing during Content Indexing. 303
  438. Everybody can view and edit task information. 287, 288, 289, 290
  439. The "get task information" operation returns all tasks instead of just one specific task. 287, 288, 289, 290
  440. Some SFiles are not recalled correctly from archive storage. 284, 285, 286
  441. Exchange Mailbox (Classic) agent Web Console search operation might take more time to complete. 267, 269, 273
  442. Reduce idle timeout value for CvMountd threads to 5 minutes. 264
  443. When disaster recovery restarts, notify job manager that disaster recovery completed the first phase to prevent job manager from restarting disaster recovery multiple times. 263
  444. Replication throws a "Can't replicate to a powered up VM" error when test boot is in progress 261
  445. BLR would silently drop RpStore should it run into problems 249
  446. BlrSvc can't connect to ESX after proxy reboot with a "Already have an active connection with the Tail" error. 245
  447. RAC Windows backup is crashing when it nears completion, and is causing the next backup to wait indefinitely on a critical section. 239
  448. Exchange Index Solr Cloud enhancement. 232
  449. SharePoint O365 - Users are marked as deleted after the restore operation. 222
  450. Limit archive file size during synthetic full job. 219
  451. Block-level backup mining fails if the DNS alias is used as the host name. You cannot access the share using the DNS alias. 216
  452. Everybody can view and edit task information. 208, 209, 210, 212
  453. The "get task information" operation returns all tasks instead of just one specific task. 208, 209, 210, 212
  454. Job starts might be delayed in the quota check procedure, which affects CommServe performance. 206, 207
  455. Backups might fail because the bloom filter is unavailable. 202
  456. Office 365 mailbox discovery does not populate the mailbox DN in online only configurations. 201
  457. Azure Application details are not saved when you create a new exchange client. 201
  458. The auto-discover URL for exchange online cannot always be discovered. 201
  459. Backup data staging files are left over when there is a parsing failure. 201
  460. User discovery crashes for the Exchange Online Azure Application when nested groups are present. 201
  461. Sometimes the destination folder for restore jobs is deleted, even though the File System restore job completes successfully. 199
  462. Operations that involve getting NAS server details fail if the SMB server is not configured in the array. For example: When you try to add an EMC Unity array to array management, the operation fails because the array does not have an SMB server configured. 198
  463. Event Viewer alerts might not be generated when the system load is high. 200, 203, 204
  464. When many backup jobs run simultaneously using the same MediaAgent, the Archive Index phase might take some time to start. 197
  465. Unable to access the review set indexing engine. 193
  466. CVD logs get inundated with pattern specific logs 189
  467. Replication target is not visible to the user who has access only to specific hyper-visors. 168, 169, 170
  468. Loading client list is taking too long for the administrator. 165, 166
  469. Exchange online-only archive jobs fail with a permission error. 156
  470. 1. Upgrades fail if "sa" user does not exist. 2. The threshold percentage is high (98%). 154, 155, 157
  471. Exchange user mailbox backup sometimes the metadata play back will be slow. 151
  472. The Application Manager service might crash when a client process tries to update the mailbox delegate information in the CommServe database. 150
  473. Failed to launch Exchange restore with a Compliance-Archiver-only installation. 149
  474. When a cluster client is renamed through the user interface and the Force Sync check box is selected, the version of the service pack on the physical node might be reset. 148
  475. It takes too long to establish incoming tunnel connections. 141
  476. Restore from media - Parent objects are not restored to database 140
  477. Don't change IP for release upgrade to V11 134
  478. You might not be able to browse files from a VSA block-level backup operation on VMs that have a Linux operating system. 131
  479. Out-of-memory error was occurring when downloading Salesforce data through a bulk connection on an authenticated proxy. 128
  480. The Oracle instant clone operation with more 9 redo groups doesn't work properly. 126
  481. Windows Oracle image copy with Oracle version 12.2 fails because it cannot find the PFILE backup. 126
  482. Commvault services may fail to start on rebooting Debian 9 boxes. 117
  483. A performance fix for the GetClientNameList stored procedure is needed. 115, 116, 118
  484. One touch restore is failing for blocklevel 107
  485. Logging enhancements 104
  486. Change deduplication database reconstruction job priority. 102
  487. Growing Clients section in Health Report does not count VMs and other clients. 100, 101, 99
  488. Non-admin users cannot access the CommCell listing page. 100, 101, 99
  489. Peak Capacity Usage Growth displays 24 months trend by default. 100, 101, 99
  490. DDB Names are shown as "blank" in DDB Performance and Status Details page of Metrics Health Report. 100, 101, 99
  491. Analytic servers are included in Recovery SLA incorrectly. 100, 101, 99
  492. Index location of search engine may get reset when upgrading from Version 10 to Version 11. 98
  493. Exchange Index Solr Cloud browse fix. 97
  494. Workflows fail to execute a script with impersonation on HP-UX. 86
  495. Scalability fixes for faster job completion. 83
  496. View logs operation on a running job might take a long time to get all logs. 78, 79, 80
  497. Send log files operation fails on a newly installed CommServe on Service Pack 10. 78, 79, 80
  498. Exchange Index Solr Cloud browse fix. 58, 60
  499. Backups to dedup enabled storage policy may fail randomly with an internal error. 55
  500. CVODS might stop responding if an action log file is malformed. 49
  501. We added UNIX installation support for symbolic link of /bin/bash to a non-bash shell. 37
  502. Internal update 25
  503. VDDK 6.5.2 was incorrectly packaged in 6.5.0 folder. 23
  504. Replication fail to pick up newly added VMDKs 7
  505. Internal update 6
  506. During a virtual server restore, when a specific MediaAgent is selected, it may not be honored during the restore. 5
  507. Back-end support for Oracle cross-instance restores. 46874
  508. An Oracle standby log-only snap fails when the software runs the un-queisce command. 46874
  509. Client laptop list loading is slow. 46839
  510. On demand data protection jobs were going to a waiting state. 46832
  511. We have added a new report that details full/synthetic full/other backup completions with status. The report also indicates whether backups are disabled and how. Information is organized by subclient. 46829
  512. We have added a new report that monitors Recovery Point Age for subclients that run synthetic full backups. 46828
  513. We have added a new report that monitors the number of jobs running at any time on the CommServe computer. 46827
  514. We have added a new report that monitors Recovery Point Age for subclients that run Synthetic Full backups. 46826
  515. We have added a new report to predict when backup jobs will occur for all subclients and how much data will be backed up. 46823
  516. Login using email address and hiding the domain box. 46620
  517. Default to the desired domain in the URL of the Compliance Search site. 46620
  518. After updating to V11, the SQLAG pseudo client displays incorrect replica clients and the backup operation fails. 46700, 46730
  519. New report to list all agents capable of performing synthetic full backups and if or when the last one was performed. 46577
  520. Enhancement: New custom report Chargeback Details. 46575
  521. Support for aggressive migration of old style Classic Archiver data to OnePass. 46217
  522. Files that did not meet rules, files that failed DR or redundancy check, and files that failed stubbing were being logged in job results directory under backup.out. 46221, 46547
  523. New utility that enables users to test whether data pointed to by stubs on MediaAgent is corrupt without actually recalling the file on disk. 46142
  524. When the client name does not represent an entity that is not reachable by that name, then Fpolicy C-mode connections might fail. 46142
  525. A DB2 log backup using threshold might hang intermittently. 46532
  526. Content extraction fails for encrypted emails. 46178
  527. INFINIDAT array snap backup might fail if more than one subclient contains the same volume, and jobs for the subclients are started in parallel. 46412
  528. After Live Sync Failback, a Windows VM might show two IP addresses. 46374
  529. NAS NDMP Restore from EMC VNX to EMC Unity skips deduped files, but they are not included in job report. 46373
  530. PST and download of emails might fail from compliance search. 46428
  531. An upgrade script is provided to compute the hardware and the OS information for each client and save it in App_clientprop table in the CommServe database. 46393
  532. Restore operation to the IBM i client is slow. 46137
  533. Individual objects are not restored to the IBM i client. 46137
  534. SQL database is not being retained in the 'Do Not Backup' subclient. 46206
  535. Block-level backups can fail with an incompatible kernel version message. 46165
  536. For the Exchange Mailbox Agent, you cannot search by categories using the CommCell Console nor the Web Console. 46154, 46213, 46275
  537. New custom report: CommCell Configuration report. 46162
  538. Add Exchange 2016 CU5 support for snap mining 46158
  539. Upgrading the CommServe database fails. 46149
  540. Azure restore does not retain the auto-shutdown properties of a VM. 46123
  541. When a storage policy was added to the client group for Microsoft SQL Server Agent clients, backups were failing. 46113, 46116
  542. SQL Server cluster LAN-free backups were not using MediaAgent on active node of cluster. 46113, 46116
  543. Add s/mime message support for ContentStore Mail Server (IMAP). 46087
  544. Parsing of metrics collection script is taking long time on cloud. 46074, 46075
  545. Growth and Trends report does not report accurate totals when Licensing Server is used. 46074, 46075
  546. Media refresh of a cataloged tape might fail. 46071, 46072
  547. AppMgrSvc service might consume memory for backup jobs that are scheduled. 46068
  548. EvMgrS.exe service might stop while checking the properties of a disk library. 46058
  549. Auxiliary Copy Jobs that run using the Use Scalable Resource option fail with SQL Server errors in the log file. 46057, 46060, 46070
  550. Commvault services may crash on Linux MediaAgent during cloud library pruning. 46041
  551. Snap backup fails for ESX less configuration 46038
  552. When debugging a workflow, some activities that have embedded XPath expressions in them are not evaluated. 46050
  553. Test failover option for failover groups in admin console. 46043, 46064
  554. You can resume an IBMi Disaster Recovery job if the system was in a restricted state for too long. 46024
  555. Separating the MediaAgent computer and the client computer in the storage replication. 46006, 46011
  556. Delegation on security group is not working. 45999
  557. The CommCell Console does not display any certificates when there are invalid certificates in the database. 45996, 46000
  558. Incomplete network configuration will not be generated when there are database errors. 45978
  559. You can skip the check in the Exchange Database Offline Mining Tool to see if the user is a member of the exchangedbmineadmins group. 45975
  560. Service pack upgrades on stand-by CommServe computers fail. 45639, 45967
  561. Block-patching occurs on passive nodes from the active node in CommServe cluster environments. 45639, 45967
  562. Browse operation can attempt to switch to new Indexing mode when not required. 45950
  563. Replication job cannot run when an auxiliary copy is running. The MediaAgent and the client need to be separate in storage replication. 45947
  564. The fail scan operation fails when the true-up job failed for a subclient with only system state as content. 45926
  565. Indexing service might crash while browsing SharePoint client. 45881
  566. New activity created for the file upload to ServiceNow incident. 45885, 45888, 45902
  567. The Exchange Mailbox (Classic) Agent crashes when a newly added mailbox is over quota. 45859
  568. When the auxiliary copy operation is pending for the index backup, the cleanup operation of the index logs might not happen. 45783, 45790
  569. "Latest Backup Data" option is grayed out. 45707
  570. HyperScale imaging does not install root and ddb on separate disk drives. 45742
  571. When pseudo extents are discovered, the Virtual Server backups are converted to full backups. 45723
  572. The transactional deduplication database (DDB) might be slow. 45716
  573. A copy of a VSA Application Aware backup might fail if the corresponding VSA job for the VM is partially successful. 45709, 45715
  574. Compliance Search: Common tab in the Advance Search dialog box provides client filter that allows the user to type a name and receive suggestions. 45706, 45713, 45733, 45748
  575. A scheduled backup did not run for some of the subclients. 45695, 45698
  576. IBM i backup job with the SYNCLIB option fails when there are huge number of objects in the libraries. 45687
  577. File System Agent does not appear in the CommCell Console. 45659
  578. Custom settings to not mandate ESX host selection on VSA snap configuration 45654, 45655
  579. The "Latest Backup Data" option is grayed out. 45641
  580. Auxiliary copy operation might fail to fetch encryption keys. 45636
  581. Prune afiles failure for v2 DDB. 45637
  582. A Plan cannot be deleted because it is associated with subclients and there is no way to remove the association completely. 45634
  583. QScript to repick jobs with status 'Available with Missing Snaps' status for auxiliary copy operation. 45601
  584. The validation of archive files on deduplication stores may end prematurely when deduplication pruning is run in parallel. 45576
  585. AWS IntelliSnap live browse might fail if a web proxy is required. 45564
  586. "Refresh Data Center" option now updates existing virtual machines and clients, without the client creation occurring for other virtual machines. 45543, 45544, 45545
  587. Backup jobs to tape might fail when interrupting Auxiliary Copy jobs. 45518, 45519
  588. Azure Client creation fails for Azure China. 45514
  589. Enhancement: Collect and retain individual VM backup job details in CVCloud DB of Metrics Server. 45489, 45490, 45516
  590. CommCell Group filter of custom reports displays CommCell groups that should not be visible to the user. 45489, 45490, 45516
  591. Enhancement: Add "Last Protected Time" column in metrics Missed SLA table. 45489, 45490, 45516
  592. Performance counters are not logged for SQL backups and restores. 45467
  593. SLA excludes other iDAs on a VM client if virtual server subclient of the VM is excluded from SLA. 45391, 45393
  594. Web SLA report should work for foreign clients of EDC cells. 45391, 45393
  595. "Default Application Type Name" should not be shown in License Usage and Growth and Trends reports. 45382, 45388, 45392
  596. "Hours since last backup" column in Health report for DDB partitions protected via subclient should not show -2. 45382, 45388, 45392
  597. Free disk space of offline or read only mount paths should not be counted. 45382, 45388, 45392
  598. The validation of archive files on deduplication stores may end prematurely when deduplication pruning is run in parallel. 45359
  599. Capability access control lists (ACLs) are not preserved after restore operations. 45291
  600. A restore operation from multiple cycles might fail if the disk is slow. 45281
  601. JMMisc/JMFailureReasonMsg/JMFailureReasonMsgParam tables might be reported as a critical table in the Health Report. 45280, 45282
  602. RHGS based HyperScale boot DVD does not list all network devices during network configuration. 45213
  603. Classic reports may not honor system regional date format settings. 45202, 45203
  604. Sybase database restore operation fails out of sequence, if the cumulative backup job has transaction log dumps backed up from a staged location. 45199
  605. VSA AppAware backup operations might fail with error "No applications found" when the NetApp Snap Management license is present and the hardware snapshot license is not present. 45164, 45165
  606. Fix for snap engines with value 0. Snap engines with value 0 are invalid. 45142
  607. New SCG to list encrypted clients. 45116, 45119, 45128
  608. Auxiliary copy jobs with the Use Scalable Resource option selected were failing with SQL Server errors in the log file. 45102, 45103, 45104
  609. Oracle VSA AppAware backups fail with create index error. 45087
  610. Tape catalog support for a standalone tape library. 45048, 45052, 45054, 45073
  611. The Web SLA and Job Summary reports are not honoring the date format settings. 45051, 45053, 45055, 45061
  612. Add support for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage Service. 44950, 44970, 44992, 45029
  613. The Backup Job Summary report including Completed with Error (CWE) jobs and failed jobs may take a long time. 44985, 44997, 45026
  614. CommCell Migration (CCM) merge might fail. 44941
  615. Adding option to hide CopyLink pane in EdgeDrive and File System browse. 44922, 44927
  616. CVVDTool fails to mount block-level backup as DMR service perf counters are not initialized. 44921
  617. Adding block level driver (CVBLK) support for OEL7 and RHAS7UP4. 44684
  618. If the internal identifiers for the snapshot have changed, then the restore operation from a V-VOL snapshot might fail 44854
  619. SQL T-log backup showing as 'Incremental' in alert email. 44841
  620. NEW SCG to list client by CIDR range. 44837, 44838, 44840
  621. Adding CDR driver support for OEL7 and RHAS7UP4-64 44807
  622. The CVODS process can interrupt running thread. 44800
  623. UNIX iDA NetApp NFS: Streams for backup copy from non-cataloged snapshot job do not transfer data evenly. 44787
  624. Metrics license reports were not displaying any data. 44781, 44782
  625. When the "include folders" option was checked, Web Console file system search results included folders as well as files, even if content indexing was not enabled. 44773
  626. Oracle NOARCHIVELOG mode database backup might fail to run online backup. 44761
  627. Oracle Table restores from Block Level Backup (BLB) copy does not show any results. 44761
  628. Large database Block Level Backup (BLB) copy fails towards end with error some collect files were not backed up and resumes from SCAN to complete. 44761
  629. Enhancement: Save column preferences of the Job Controller. 44746
  630. Unable to save column selection for Catalog, Move Snap to Tape, Primary Copy Library, and System State columns while viewing backup history from the CommServe level. 44745
  631. When library sharing is configured, drives might show as offline if the wrong MediaAgent was selected while adding another CommCell to the library. 44728, 44730, 44732
  632. GxGlobal parameters were case sensitive, causing them to not load properly in Web Console. 44718
  633. The CVD service stops responding during an application-aware installation job on VMware Windows Server 2016 virtual machine. 44715
  634. Enhancement: Added Data Interface Pairs with errors in CommCell Cleanup Report. 44701
  635. Content store online mode: New mails in delegated mailbox are shown in outlook user's content store mailbox. 44700
  636. Performance tweaks for List Media operation for deduplicated data on cloud storage. 44699, 44703
  637. Chargeback report may not display Additional Cost correctly. 44690, 44693
  638. License Usage report counts expired licenses for total capacity. 44690, 44693
  639. Adding CVBF driver support for OEL7 and RHAS7UP4. 44687
  640. Change the name of the Oracle Bare Metal to Cloud Infrastructure for cloud libraries. 44677, 44678
  641. Additional Settings: Support for negative values in additional settings that have type of integer. 44657
  642. Multiple collect files are used if configuration files are maintained in different mount points. However, single collect file is supported for File System based backup. 44652
  643. In end user search site, To My Mailbox option is failing for new exchange agent data. 44607, 44608
  644. Scheduling the SQL Clone process is not restoring the latest data. 44598
  645. Exchange Journal cleanup job might run with low throughput. 44600
  646. Multi-streaming for synthetic full backups should not be allowed for block level. 44577
  647. The MKLV command fails during OnePass jobs with the native snapshot option configured. 44576
  648. Stub Candidates are not identified correctly in Linux upgraded clients when using native snapshot 44576
  649. User might not be able to choose modified date as reference copy criteria in a few cases 44574
  650. Unable to edit port number of third party key management server 44559, 44560, 44564, 44565
  651. Deleting third party key management server gives wrong error message when it is in use 44559, 44560, 44564, 44565
  652. Enhancement to use a CommServer specific passphrase stored on a file to encrypt master keys instead of built-in key in absence of third party KMS 44559, 44560, 44564, 44565
  653. CvMountd service may leak memory when there is failures in closing the SFILE_CONTAINER.idx file. 44554
  654. Job Summary report does not show second File System agent for a NAS filer. 44539
  655. During a system database restore operation, Sybase server restart is required. Sometimes after the restart, even though the startup script reports successful login, the login operation to the server fails because the server is engaged in background processing. This causes the restore operation to fail. 44538
  656. Commvault Communications ( CVD ) service was consuming increasing amounts of memory over time, thereby requiring a restart of services to clear the memory consumption. 44490
  657. Multiple Python instances are causing failure in starting the Python worker processes from the Content Extractor service. 44487
  658. File analytics report on client group does not work for an organization user. 44477, 44479, 44480
  659. IBM i VTL Project. 44435
  660. Fixed a crash that occurred during stubbing when a backup job ran with the "-fffound" option. The crash happened because the command line parameters were generalizing that a "-f" indicates job type. 44420
  661. SAP database copy using RMAN backups might fail when there are more than 100 logs to restore. 44395
  662. Script to repick snap jobs for backup copy. 44402, 44406
  663. There is no option to select the VM folder path while doing a full VM restore for VMware. 44363
  664. DB2 DPF log restore operation might fail if logs for the given sequence were not backed up on one of the nodes. 44365
  665. Solaris File System backups might crash when backing up a Solaris10 zone. 44352
  666. In the Additional Settings dialog box, list selection using a mouse click must autocomplete the values. 44320
  667. Storage Provisioning: Storage Provisioning will not be visible if Global Param 'CvFeaturesList' is set. 44318, 44319
  668. For the IntelliSnap ETERNUS, use thin volumes for ETERNUS SnapOPC/SnapOPC+ snaps. 44294, 44300, 44314
  669. Could not perform Advanced Date Range Compliance Search with Korean Region. 44301
  670. Healthcare data is getting corrupt after a backup for a non-deduplication storage policy only. 44296
  671. The Exchange Mailbox (Classic) agent crashes when a newly added mailbox is over the quota. 44278
  672. Failure in deleting library with error "The DELETE statement conflicted with the REFERENCE constraint "MMMediaGroup_DrivePoolId_FK". The conflict occurred in database "CommServ", table "dbo.MMMediaGroup", column 'DrivePoolId'". 44257
  673. OpenVMS backups might not restore some Stream type files with the correct file type. 44226
  674. Created a standalone executable for generating the SCOM Management Pack XML. 44200
  675. When Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator (MSTDC) is not enabled on the CommServe computer, restore jobs might fail. 44097
  676. Tenant user(s) have access to see client groups and clients when viewing associations of Schedule Policies 44074, 44075, 44076
  677. Separating the MediaAgent and the client in storage replication. 44064, 44066
  678. Snap Integrity check catalogs source when logs location is not snapped during Oracle snap backup. 44018
  679. A) Deleted list/library restore in-place was not supported. B) Restore after list edit with InfoPath were failing. C) Lookup values used first time before incremental backup, were not properly restored. D) File added and deleted since full backup but before incremental backup caused errors. E) Restore failure of item having added new lookup before incremental backup. 44009
  680. UNIX Agents: Backup copy job from non-cataloged snap job goes pending if any of the parent directories of 'job results directory ' location are not present. 44005
  681. System state backups might fail if there is a mount point to another volume for system state content. 43996
  682. Fixing spelling mistake. 43962
  683. The pre-upgrade check is not reporting the license name in case of failure. 43948, 43949, 43950
  684. Subclient name may not be shown in the Edge Backup Monitor for laptops. 43921
  685. For Log Monitoring, the indexing of a V10 client was failing when pointing to an SP6 CommServe host and analytical client. 43910, 43919
  686. CommServe failover synchronization continues when the quorum disk is unavailable. 43908, 43917
  687. In certain cases, deduplication pruning might still happen on a mount path even after pruning is disabled on the mount path. 43832
  688. The validation of archive files on the deduplication stores may end prematurely when the deduplication pruning runs simultaneously. 43898
  689. The stub resolver starts multiple times during each reconstruction. 43590
  690. For Microsoft Exchange, reference copy or Personal Storage Table (PST) archiving jobs were not backing up data that belonged to a synthetic full backup. 43894
  691. There is an analysis server backup failure for databases with connection strings that are longer than 256 characters. 43878, 43879, 43881
  692. MySQL point-in-time restore may fail when bin logs have binary content. 43876
  693. CDR (ContinuousDataReplicator) Initial Sync shows "unverified" status on the CommCell Console. 43875
  694. DDB move failed out after 20 minute timeout. 43874
  695. Service processes such as EvMgrS, JobManager may crash when the folder ''olddb'' exists on the C drive. 43839
  696. Index backup might be corrupted. 43830
  697. Unable to create SQL server instance after installing hotfix form 2239. 43798, 43852
  698. Custom Reports Engine is unable to read the registry if the service is configured with network credentials. 43797, 43848, 43850
  699. Support is required to back up Azure File service. 43767, 43768
  700. Enhancement to support UNC credentials in restore the options for File System. 43757, 43791
  701. NetApp NFS snapshot mount operation fails with error "Cannot protect volume <volume clone name> because the parent volume is unprotected in the Vserver DR relationship. If volume requires Vserver DR protection. Protect the parent volume first using the "volume modify -vserver-dr-protection protected" command." 43670
  702. ClSybAgent fails to resume a job after the job is converted from Full to Incremental when there are transaction logs on the disk. 43664
  703. An option is needed to allow the RADIUS Directory users to log on with the domain name and user name credentials instead of the host name (FQDM) and user name credentials. 43754, 43834
  704. The client groups node might not get displayed for RADIUS Directory users. 43754, 43834
  705. Enhancement to support appending the jobId in the custom file name. 43743
  706. The Add/Remove Software/ 'Software Cache Configuration' window does not open when invoked by the user. 43720
  707. The Media Manager might stop responding when it is processing a large number of cloud archive files for pruning. 43708
  708. If blobs have reserved characters, such as a percentage sign (%), in the blob name, then the Azure VM backup operation fails. 43705
  709. Fix for the syntax of the cross-machine HANA Tenant DB restore operations. 43604
  710. Fix on the media prediction report for the to-be-verified media. 43701, 43706
  711. The db2util.sh process might not work for the DB2 DPF agent. 43602
  712. Restarts in the NAS-attached library might cause missing files in the index. 43600
  713. There are Oracle cross-machine restore issues when you create a temp tablespace on the destination that has the same number of data files as the source. 43599, 43689, 43777
  714. NAS agent data restore may fail after importing jobs by tape import. 43684, 43687
  715. A Salesforce record-level restore fails. 43585
  716. If a file system backup job encounters an error during the backup of the failed/locked files, the the job does not go pending and retry the failed file list. 43674
  717. The launch of GxAdmin fails with the error 'initialization failed, error reading registry.' 43669
  718. Framework changes have been made for block-level replication to delete previous snapshots in the RpStore. 43667
  719. PDB tracking QScript enhancement to report start and end time in the user readable format. 43666, 43681
  720. There is an Oracle backup advanced option error (Archive Delete tab). 43582, 43641, 43657, 43766
  721. The archive mailbox list does not appear in Live Browse for Exchange 2013. 43652
  722. Performance enhancements have been made for login and Compliance Search. 43655, 43668
  723. When an Oracle IntelliSnap backup operation uses VMAX TimeFinder or a clone, prunable jobs are aged and the snapshots are deleted at the beginning of the backup job to free up spouse devices. At this time, snapshots that have not been unmounted might also be deleted, leaving the mount path or devices behind on the MediaAgent. 43648, 43658, 43722
  724. Recoverability SLA shows the date Dec 31, 1969 in the Last Job Start column. Disk Protection Tier Savings shows an incorrect Media Size. 43646, 43651, 43707
  725. Data were not collected for the Mount Path Growth report. 43646, 43651, 43707
  726. Unable to modify Oracle subclient properties. 43559
  727. Salesforce: Object record errors on cloud restore. 43575
  728. The schedule policy is not being associated with new SQL subclients. 43558, 43632
  729. User might not see the expected results due to wrong time range being browsed from GUI 43571
  730. A cloud MediaAgent brought up for pruning might become unavailable in 30 minutes. 43630
  731. Database upgrades might fail if there is an external group named "master". 43629, 43633
  732. Support is required to re-index data verification tables from SIDB command line. 43549
  733. Active virtual machine (VM) counts in the client statistics do not match the discovered VMs in the Client Details table on the Chargeback Report. 43527, 43528, 43529
  734. The Chargeback Report is slow. 43527, 43528, 43529
  735. Metrics queries 8 and 77 fail on V11 CommServe computers installed with Service Pack 7 hotfix 894. 43527, 43528, 43529
  736. Users without admin rights at CS level are not able to remove all associations. 43523, 43524
  737. A one-time schedule is displayed in the schedule policy after the schedule has run. 43523, 43524
  738. For snaps replica copies, the auxiliary copy job might fail with a database error. 43509, 43510
  739. An option has been added to the user interface to validate and prune aged deduplication data. 43167, 43168
  740. If the proxy server specified in the Internet options does not allow FTP traffic, then the scheduled report job fails to upload the report to the FTP server. 43494
  741. You cannot log on to the Edge Drive Web Edit tool if your user name has more than 30 characters. 43483
  742. There is no clear information for on-demand operations when the MediaAgent is offline because power management is enabled. 43204, 43205, 43206, 43485
  743. Oracle VM to OPC conversion fix is required to set boot disk as first volume. 43466
  744. The deduplication database (DDB) becomes unavailable after certain rare consistency check failures. 43446
  745. Scheduled Web Backup Job Summary report in CSV format may fail to generate. 43445, 43447
  746. Enhancement to support disabling library for new data when space reaches low watermark. 43425, 43427, 43430
  747. Multi-stream Jobs may not span to an available mount path when active mount path is low on space. 43425, 43427, 43430
  748. Exchange Import job sometimes may not show the imported messages in the browse. 43346
  749. The Client Manager Service (ClMgrS) might cause memory to spike while handling Changed Block Tracking (cvcbt) driver events. 43403
  750. For IntelliSnap VMAX, a revert operation might fail if there is a snapshot or clone that exists in a restored state in addition to the current snapshot. 43387
  751. Witness Server service pack installation was failing because ZooKeeper processes (such as java.exe or javaw.exe) were locking the CvFailover folder contents. 43368, 43372
  752. Custom package creation using bootstrapper was downloading bootstrapper hotfixes, which is not required for installation. 43368, 43372
  753. Installation of MongoDB or service pack installation of CommServe software was failing on cluster setups with the error: "Failed to configure MongoDB." 43368, 43372
  754. For SAP standby database backups containing more than 1000 logs, a database copy restore was only restoring the first 1000 logs. 43366
  755. Synthetic full backups were failing when on-demand service failed to register as a service on UNIX. 43337
  756. Invalid failed items appear in the failures list. 43325
  757. Lndb transaction logs might not replay when Log Full backup is aged due to log rule. 43324
  758. RDS instance restore from snap may be falsely reported as failed if the instance status is returned as "Modifying" by AWS. 43323
  759. Launch of GxAdmin fails with the error 'initialization failed, error reading registry.' 43318
  760. Script to clean up the tape import tables 43317
  761. The source deduplication database (DDB) is accessed for pruning after the DDB is moved. 43315
  762. Readiness check to upgrade to v11 might fail because of an invalid index configuration on deconfigured MediaAgents. User can not modify the properties as they are disabled for edit. 43312
  763. Users were able to view client computers they do not have permissions for in the Remote Software Cache list in a multi-tenant environment. 43300, 43301, 43304
  764. Service Pack installation from versions SP6 to SP8 on a cluster environment fails. 43281
  765. Commvault Client Manager Service (ClMgrS) might crash on a 32 bit setup due to the wrong format specifier. 43271
  766. Restore of a particular account to cloud errors out with the message: Error code: INVALID_FIELD_FOR_INSERT_UPDATE; Error message: Unable to create/update fields: Name. Please check the security settings of this field and verify that it is read/write for your profile or permission set. 43243
  767. Backup - When a deleted object is added back to the subclient content, the backup job treats the object as incremental. 43243
  768. For the Microsoft SQL agent, if a table has a column name that starts with a number, then the table level restore operation fails. 43269
  769. Salesforce test connection with proxy does not work. 43266
  770. Compare describes incorrectly treats Address field as deleted. 43266
  771. A deduplication defragmentation job might not succeed on Windows MediaAgents if the storage device does not support ACLs. 43261
  772. Web Job Summary Report - Storage Policy name is not visible for non-admin users. 43253, 43263
  773. IntelliSnap Nimble Snap Engine - rewrite 43249
  774. After logging in to Admin Console using OpenID, the user is not redirected to the Admin Console dashboard. 43234, 43239
  775. Auxiliary copy operations do not run as expected if a chunk file is corrupted or truncated. 43229
  776. Alert XML package processing in cloud may display error. 43220, 43221, 43222
  777. Unicode characters in alerts may not be properly displayed in the Cloud dashboard. 43220, 43221, 43222
  778. If the CommServe databases exist in two different file paths with different logical names, synchronization fails. 43191, 43192
  779. The software created import policy appears in the Policies page. 43186, 43188, 43189
  780. When the LUNs are resized, the corresponding volumes are not resized. This might cause the volumes to go offline if the space limit is reached. 43186, 43188, 43189
  781. The volume's UNIX permissions were not set when a new volume was created. 43186, 43188, 43189
  782. The size of the expired LUNs were counted towards the policy quota. Due to this the users were not able to create new LUNs (if the quota limit was reached) even after few of their LUNs got expired. 43186, 43188, 43189
  783. When a user tries to delete an array (which is associated with a provisioning policy but not associated with any LUN) from Array Management, they see the following error message on the CommCell Console alert window. "There are still Storage Provisioning Policies associated with this array. Please delete them and then delete the array." 43186, 43188, 43189
  784. Index reconstruction for Indexing V2 can be stuck with backup copy jobs. 43150, 43154
  785. Rest API to invoke execscript on remote client crashes the QSDK server. 43133
  786. An Oracle SBT channel might hang when the software logs to the sbtio file if the diagnostic_dest location is over a NFS mount-point. 43108
  787. Indexing playback might fail with the "DIRECTORY flag mismatch" error. 43103
  788. A VSA job might get streams from different instances of the indexing service. 43103
  789. Have the software use Windows Authentication for SQL Server connections on the CommServe computer. 43107
  790. Nimble VSA IntelliSnap mounts might fail. 43099
  791. The Version tab does not display all updates when there are many hotfixes installed on the CommServe computer. 43054, 43055
  792. Live Browse requires a deadlock correction. 43046
  793. Ransomware alerts might be triggered when access to the honey pot file fails with the error, "ERROR_BAD_NET_NAME". 43035
  794. Enhancement: added support for Windows Authentication on SQL Server connections. 43034
  795. Scheduled backups do not run for some of the subclients. 43032, 43033
  796. Enhancement to validate the archive file between the CommServe database and the deduplication store concurrently while backups are in progress. 43018, 43019, 43021
  797. After upgrading to V11 Service Pack 7, backup jobs and auxiliary copies might fail for stores with extended partitions. 43016
  798. Unable to restore VMware backups to vCloud. 43014
  799. The Backup Job Summary Report does not include subclient content file paths that differ only by text case. 43012, 43013
  800. When performing an Oracle RAC log restore using the "from time" and "to time" options, the RMAN script is generated with the incorrect value in "from time". 42998
  801. Adding a client to an automatic client group during VM discovery fails with a SQL exception. 42976, 42977
  802. Java process of Tomcat might crash in Java Native Interface (JNI) layer randomly when there are simultaneous SAP archive link calls. 42972
  803. Path names longer than 1024 characters are missing from the browse for Isilon NDMP backups and NetApp snap backups. 42914
  804. ContinuousDataReplicator pairs shows an "unverified" status in the CommCell Console. 42912
  805. A Cassandra restore might fail. 42910
  806. This is a fix for the backup operation on the PostgreSQL database, which throws an error and drops the index. 42807, 42809
  807. System is not able to restore NAS data from NAS backups if the Index MediaAgent is low on space during the backup. 42885
  808. The View Backup Items operation in Backup History fails for the NAS Agent. 42870
  809. The CommServe event manager process crashes when using the Set Access for All MediaAgents option in the Library and Drive Configuration. 42861
  810. IBMi VTL Project 42856
  811. Distributed application and SQL iDA backups are not going to different MediaAgents based on the geo location settings. 42857, 42859
  812. An IntelliSnap, space-efficient and flash copy backup job creates a snapshot with 30% allocated disk space whereas the actual allocation should be 0% for IBM firmware 42844
  813. When the software processes committed files, the scan operation hangs for over 6 hours at 0% complete. 42831
  814. NetApp snapshot auxiliary copy fails after you switch over the Metrocluster to the disaster recovery (DR) site. 42811
  815. Storage Pool: Allow "Share mount path window" to stay after the error message pop up. 42786
  816. Show Linux OS instead of saying Unix for MA in the Share mount path window. 42786
  817. Reword the error pop-up when editing the third-party encryption provider. 42786
  818. Show a proper error message when the cloud storage license is not available. 42786
  819. Have an option to enable encryption settings during the creation of Global Deduplication Policies (GDSP) and Global Secondary Copy Policy (GACP). 42786
  820. Retain Until date for jobs on media should be N\A for aged jobs. 42774, 42775, 42776
  821. The information on the client Security tab loads slowly. 42739, 42743
  822. Unable to set the Do Not Retain option for jobs that were in a bad state. 42726, 42727
  823. Empty client group and all client groups were being checked on the same parameter. 42714, 42715
  824. Support SQL server windows authentication mode. 42690, 42691
  825. Running Auxiliary copy job with "Scalable Resource Allocation" option and large number of streams may result in database deadlocks on CommServe. 42678, 42679
  826. A MEDITECH IntelliSnap backup crashes when the subclient content contains several system groups. 42658
  827. Deduplication pruning might not proceed on shared replica mount paths. 42645
  828. Enabling or disabling a search engine using a script fails. 42640, 42641
  829. Even after the option to back up all the messages is selected and the additional setting nSkipRestrictions is enabled, few messages are not backed up. 42638
  830. Internal update. 42635
  831. User is not able to deconfigure a tape library due to foreign key violation in the spare group table. 42631
  832. For HNAS snapshot jobs, when mounting a CIFS share from our software, a NFS share is not created on the given mount path. 42591
  833. The cleanup for failed snapshot jobs does not successfully complete for HNAS snapshot engines. 42591
  834. When we try to delete an externally deleted snapshot, the engine fails the operation because it cannot find the corresponding snapshot. 42591
  835. Out-of-place restore operations that have a proxy host platform that is different from the backup host platform cause the CVMA to stop functioning properly. 42591
  836. Enhancement: Support for Windows Authentication for SQL Server connections. 42575
  837. The record level restore fails. 42567
  838. VMware: the failback operation restores to a different folder than the source folder on the VM. 42566
  839. A fix for the IBMi VTL Project. 42565
  840. Live mount option is not available from the Web Console. 42539
  841. Searching for Exchange messages using Web Console might be slow. 42528, 42531
  842. If auto-failover is disabled on an active node, services cannot be shut down. 42521
  843. IntelliSnap backup jobs on clients that use LUNs from the NetApp cluster mode ONTAP version earlier than 8.3 fail with the error "Extra input: bypass-throttle". 42518
  844. Sorting by Status in the Exchange Mailbox (Classic) Agent Find results causes a browse error. 42517
  845. Backups fail on computers that have the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3 PowerPC operating system. 42507
  846. The Tape Media History Report in the Metrics Server might be missing some of the tape media movement information. 42493
  847. Separating the MediaAgent and the client in storage replication. 42465
  848. Enhancement - Add a new SQL script that generates Media Application size information. 42433
  849. Enhancement: New SQL script to generate the disk library space usage and size information as per the deduplication database (DDB). 42432
  850. Incorrect reference to DrivePoolId in MMMasterPool 42423
  851. Running a DASH Copy job with a large number of chunks results in a database deadlock. 42402, 42403, 42404
  852. Index Reconstruction may request tapes of jobs belonging to an old cycle. 42240, 42241, 42387
  853. New report to monitor coverage of Agents and VM Restores. 42361
  854. Index server may be unresponsive after sending log files. 42353
  855. Unable to "Run Immediately" when viewing schedules from Storage Policy Node level/Commcell level 42343
  856. IntelliSnap support for the VMAX3 Replication using the TimeFinder SnapVx Engine. 42311, 42313, 42314
  857. A database error occurs when at least one copy is not associated to an autocopy schedule. 42295, 42296
  858. The Domain DNS Zone of a child domain might not be protected. 42291
  859. Separating the MediaAgent and the client in Storage Replication. 42281, 42282, 42283, 42285, 42287
  860. A VM cannot be converted or restored to Azure if the source disk size is greater than 1 TB. 42264
  861. An IntelliSnap backup for an HDS snapshot that uses iSCSI was failing. 42262
  862. Identifying the EMC XtremIO backend snapshot engine with VPLEX Metro does not work as expected. 42256
  863. VMware tags are not sorted in the browse. 42238
  864. Oracle snap backups with snap spool copy type doing RMAN backup copy will see errors in INCR backups doing createIndex. 42228
  865. Adding command line support to enable power management and associated controller node. 42223, 42224
  866. Event Manager service was crashing while writing data to RSS feeds. 42221
  867. Deduplication database based data verification job may fail to open ChunkIntegrity table after SIDB is quiesced and resumed during phase 1. 42209
  868. If a chunk is found to be bad during checksum revalidation of a DDB based data verification job, then the job might hang into a pending state. 42209
  869. DDB might fail to save the last bad chunk's insert time in version 2 DDB (for V 9 software). This results in fetching the same chunks repeatedly. 42209
  870. Fix for CommCell Console socket close after an Oracle instance properties update. 42179
  871. After user group properties were configured for Compliance Search through the Search tab, a user was not limited to the specified search group. 42160, 42162
  872. Cleanup jobs might take longer than expected to complete. 42078
  873. Emails fail to send because of a missing Web Console configuration. 42101
  874. Enhancement: Added the subclient description as a hidden column. 42075
  875. If a subclient is disabled because the agent is disabled, it does not appear in the report. 42075
  876. Out-of-place restores from NAS to Windows might fail because a null pointer check is missing. 42071
  877. When mounting a CIFS share from Commvault for HNAS snap jobs, a CIFS share is not created with the name provided by the user. 42041
  878. Cleanup for failed snap jobs does not successfully complete for HNAS snap engines. 42041
  879. Added support for open LDAP. 42043, 42073, 42077, 42113
  880. When a snapshot operation is performed and mounted for a UNIX file system backup, not all files are backed up. 42036
  881. The full VM restore operation from the snapshot or from the file level restore from snapshot fails. 42031
  882. Additional filter options in file tree view 42018
  883. Enhancement for including the Server Commitment and Deduction in the Royalty report. 42007, 42008, 42009
  884. Chargeback Trend and Diffs are very slow. 42005, 42006
  885. Chargeback Trend might show incorrect sizes. 42005, 42006
  886. Protecting Active Directory Application Mode (ADAM) and Active Directory (AD) instances on same subclient might crash the adbackup process. 41966
  887. Slow MemDB performance requires switching back to non transactional mode. 41960
  888. Support is required for Azure new storage classes. 41952
  889. The system failed to prune deduplication data for the Azure Cloud library using Page blobs. 41952
  890. User is not able to associate all storage policies in an auxiliary copy schedule policy using the "Select All" option. 41883
  891. The CVD process might experience memory growth. 41938
  892. Backup and restore operations for locked files result in incorrect data. 41933
  893. A synthetic full backup might not carry forward all qualified items. 41924
  894. Linux 1-Touch: Red Hat 6.x machines might fail to boot up even after a successful recovery. 41923
  895. Enhancement to show Tools menu when you right-click a job that has a valid client column, and display all the tools when you select Tools from that client. 41921
  896. A proper Job Pending Reason (JPR) is not set when a NAS Snapshot restore fails, because there is no NDMP credentials for the cluster client. 41823
  897. A deduplication database could not be moved to or from a virtual node in cluster environment. 41901
  898. Job Summary report shows the message ''No Data Available" after clicking the "Generate" button. 41887, 41888
  899. SAP Oracle GUI backups should use only one MediaAgent for all the indexing operations during backup. 41886
  900. Synthetic full job fails with the error "Detected RESOLVED stub with version GUID" during preparation phase. 41880
  901. Enhancement for MediaAgent Load report. 41879
  902. IBM i VTL Project proxy library and client changes. 41867
  903. Data deleted from Salesforce is not marked as deleted in Commvault backups. 41859, 41861
  904. Adds an option to convert a v3 version DDB to a v4 non-transactional DDB. This option is provided to fix the issue of mismatched versions of DDB partitions due to partition count expansion. 41855
  905. Rest API for Qoperation execscript generates non-parsable XML output. 41844
  906. Storage policy-level backup copy and deferred catalog workflow jobs could not be submitted in parallel. This update enables parallel workflow jobs to run as long as they process snapshots of different subclients. 41831, 41834
  907. Unable to delete mount path that does not have any data. 41765
  908. Hardware refresh of a CommServe host fails with SQL errors. 41747
  909. For SAP Oracle, enable the ability to resume a GUI backup in the config phase, using a registry key. 41721
  910. Auxiliary Copy job fails if snapshot backup is partially successful. 41720
  911. A push install might leave log lock files with wrong permissions. 41692
  912. Fix for output format of command line XML protocol. 41646
  913. Enhancement to mark dedupe stores for resync from command line. 41631
  914. A QScript has been created that deletes dangling DIP entries for clients that have been deleted. 41609
  915. The Live Sync Monitor displays the virtual machine synchronization status as "In Sync" even though backups are listed. 41604, 41607
  916. Changes have been made to the IBMi virtual tape library Project proxy library and client. 41591
  917. Creating smart client computer group fails when you add additional security user groups and roles to it. 41603, 41605
  918. On client name change, the client host name is not updated for UNIX clients. 41584
  919. The EvGuiAduitParameter table displays the critical status on the Scale Statistics report. 41561
  920. The signing of RPM packages might not behave as expected. 41562
  921. Changes to user groups for Compliance Search might not take effect immediately. 41519
  922. During the restore of a full organization, children were restored when the restore of a parent failed. 41513, 41515
  923. If users add a client that already exists, the alert message that appears does not clearly tell the users that the client has already been added. 41503
  924. User cannot use filter when find (Control+F) and "Show matching rows only" options are selected. 41494
  925. Nimble IntelliSnap: Enhancements and fixes in IntelliSnap common layers. 41487
  926. Fixed the calculation for the deduplication database query and insertion operation. 41482
  927. In the Web Backup Job Summary report, Storage Policy column is empty. 41488, 41490
  928. Addition of documents to review set fails when search engine has inconsistent configuration 41470
  929. The backup operation filters any folder or file if the name starts with system, software, default, sam, userdiff, or security. 41466
  930. Support to add NAS client using Admin Console. 41445
  931. Enhancement: Windows (Idx) MediaAgent can run BLB synthetic full backup of Automatic Storage Management (ASM) image copy. 41437
  932. SAP HANA: Job details must display the backup set name. 41411
  933. IntelliSnap DataCore: Wrong control host was assigned to the snapshot in replication environment. 41407
  934. Cluster client shows the status as "Needs Updates" even after updates are installed. 41364
  935. Add the "Disable Background Agents" check box for a Notes Database restore. 41142, 41143, 41145, 41374
  936. IBM and OpenVMS Capacity Usage may not be reported for v10 CommServe environments. 41288
  937. The Metrics Reporting Server query 175 returns incorrect Size on Media. 41288
  938. Providing APIs for the following: 1) Get the power status of a MediaAgent. 2) Control client processes to keep the machine up and running. 3) When client process is done with the MediaAgent, then an API to mark the MediaAgent so that it can be brought down after idle time. 41281, 41283, 41285
  939. RpStore pruning may go in an infinite loop. 41259
  940. MediaAgent filter is not added in Report Criteria for a few reports. 41255, 41257, 41263
  941. Previews of emails with Unicode messages are incorrect. 41213
  942. Unable to change CS name using the Name Management wizard 41206
  943. NetApp snapshot auxiliary copy jobs fail with the error "Snapshot not found" when Hyper-V IntelliSnap backup jobs that are created using additional setting iDataAgent\nHyperVCreateAFSLunClone. 41205
  944. Non-native block-level backups with proxy configuration and metadata collection enabled do not upload the file-level index data to the index, which causes browse operations to fail. 41203
  945. Some messages are not backed up if the nSkiprestriction additional setting is enabled, the include all messages option is selected, and filtering based on message rules is enabled. 41194
  946. Support for Microsoft SQL and Oracle in Admin Console. 41190, 41191
  947. Snap mining operations stop responding. 41178
  948. Virtual Server Agent file-level restores fail if a compressed alternate data stream is used. 41176
  949. The CDR/DC is not intercepting and processing rename operations on the Red Hat 7 update 2 operating system. 41166
  950. The auxiliary process stops responding during a content indexing operation. 41160
  951. The $ORIGIN token has been added to all the Oracle libraries so that the Base directory can be found. 41158
  952. CVD service may terminate abnormally when performing SQL iDA backup or auxiliary copy. 41149
  953. Support for Oracle VM to Oracle Cloud Conversion. 41144
  954. CSV version of CommCell Configuration Report was missing "Content" header. 41128
  955. During Full VM Restore, restore might fail. 41124
  956. During Vcloud Full VM Restore, the drop down for vCloud option was not getting pre-selected. 41124
  957. The loading of libCvObk.so on Solaris by Oracle and the link with 12C version fails when the system has libstdc++ installed. 41120
  958. VMWare live restore shows error when changing the network card to "not connected" option. 41117
  959. The software does not use the copy ID during restore jobs for index reconstruction. 40872
  960. No metadata restore. Cannot create multiple subclients. 41098, 41099, 41101
  961. The installation might fail on UNIX computers if /bin/ls is not a dynamic executable. 41045
  962. CVD process may experience memory growth. 41040
  963. If disk is full, SalesForce backup continues for file types. 41026
  964. AD Incremental backups may not backup sites. 41025
  965. Unable to associate subclient to the source copy. Error - Subclients associated to a secondary copy must also be associated with its source copy. 41006
  966. Updating VM state to powered off after auto shutdown. 40990, 40991, 41017
  967. Sending email to lab users before auto shutdown. 40990, 40991, 41017
  968. Added additional settings to change the maximum wait time and job polling interval for Oracle VM jobs. 40969
  969. Cloud report was not showing data for licensing server when client group quota was configured on the CommServe system. 40975, 40978
  970. Support for impersonation with indexing V2 for Unix File System 40926
  971. If there is a network issue, the restore job may skip processing some items. 40918
  972. Restore may fail with error "Media mounted in wrong library" when drive is not shared with MediaAgent. 40913, 40915, 40917
  973. Added support for Oracle Cloud Storage and OpenStack agents. 40911, 40912, 40914, 40919
  974. Restored Linux virtual machines with extended or spanned SWAP partition might fail to boot. 40870
  975. The source VM is unregistered if the datastore gets disconnected during a snapshot backup with metadata collection. 40831
  976. Common.x changes for the new Hypervisor Azure Stack support. 40819, 40820
  977. Staging backup on cluster instance fails if common instance stage folder (key) is not set. 40815
  978. Full database is getting restored when you are restoring Oracle SPFILE/CTRLFILE from IntelliSnap backups. 40809
  979. vCloud login with Web Console may fail in 8.2 director. 40795
  980. Enhancement to show the "Tools" options on NAS client. 40788, 40789
  981. When performing find operations on any table, "Show matching rows only" is not honoured on refresh of the table. 40788, 40789
  982. The Commvault services may fail to start on rebooting due to a stray lock file. 40778
  983. The user is not able to move the configuration only deduplication database. 40777
  984. If an RMAN backup includes a nonexistent data file, the Oracle table restore fails. 40754
  985. If a Sybase database cumulative backup job includes transaction logs that were backed up from the staged location, then the restore fails. 40751
  986. Added Exchange 2016 CU5 support for live browse. 40728
  987. A CommCell Migration (CCM) job might fail because there are two default subclients under the same backup set. 40723
  988. When creating a NAS and Network Share client, the client creation succeeds but network share fails to add to the client. 40721
  989. The browse function for Exchange Agent might take some time to complete. 40673, 40674
  990. You might not be able to delete a mount path if it contains deduplicated data, even though all the jobs in the store are aged. 40667, 40668
  991. Enhancements to the Executive Summary PPT Report 40650, 40651, 40654, 40655
  992. Restores fail for the SharePoint 2016 Direct DLP backups. 40639
  993. Enabling the metadata on user interface does not trigger the metadata backup on the client. 40635
  994. For the upgraded setups from the Admin Console, the registration process is skipped. 40625
  995. Unable to submit power on operation from a client machine that has the client name as input. 40610
  996. Push updates to a remote Mac computer might be interrupted while starting the BackupUninstall.app. 40596
  997. Subclients with permissions not assigned appear in the Admin Console. 40589, 40591, 40592
  998. Admin Console does not support NAS Clients. 40570, 40574
  999. Restore is failing with index cache failure. 40563
  1000. Downloading a file fails if the datacenter has special characters. 40557
  1001. Log backup script of selective online full job tries to back up SPFILE even when instance is not using it. 40531
  1002. Live sync replication may fail because extended options are not correct. 40527
  1003. After running a synthetic full backup where a proxy-less backup is used, incremental snapshot jobs fail during a hardware snapshot. 40504
  1004. Store installing user on fresh install only 40487
  1005. Job status may not be updated for Unix clients. 40456
  1006. Search restore to consider copy precedence. 40437, 40439, 40443
  1007. Index node (inode) store is populated incorrectly that could lead to log playback errors for the NAS Indexing V2 jobs. 40417
  1008. The client node for the Virtual Server Agent does not expand as expected. 40370, 40371, 40372
  1009. Mounted devices entries in registry corresponding to the mounted volumes are maintained even after unmount so that the operating system can identify and assign the same mount points on future mounts. This was causing bloated registry key for live browse since proxy is used for virtual machine mounts and the entries keep accumulating. This caused performance issues on one of customers environment for AppAware case. 40315