V11 Service Pack 10


Deployment of Commvault software is the process of getting new software operating properly in your environment, and may include planning, installation, upgrade, applying updates, configuration, and running and testing the installed software, as well as uninstallation and reinstallation activities.

Production data is protected by installing agent software on the physical or virtual hosts which use operating system or application-specific APIs to properly protect data in a consistent state, so it can be restored. Proxy agents can be used to protect data such as virtual machines by communicating with the hosting infrastructure, such as vCenter or Hyper-V. Production data is processed by the agents and backed up through MediaAgents to disk, tape or cloud storage.

At a minimum, three components must be installed and configured to form a CommCell environment:

  1. CommServe - the central management system within a CommCell environment, coordinating and managing all activity
  2. MediaAgent - manages the transmission of data between clients and backup media
  3. Client - a software module installed on a computer to access and protect data makes the computer a client

All installed components must be able to communicate with the CommServe for normal data protection operations to function.

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