Storage Policies

A storage policy is a logical data management entity with rules that define the lifecycle management of the protected data in a subclient's content.

A storage policy defines the following specific set of rules to manage the associated data:

  • The subclient's data that will be protected
  • The location at which the data will be stored (tape, cloud or disk storage pools)
  • The number of days the data will be retained

Types of storage policy copies

  1. Primary Copy

    The primary copy is automatically created when a storage policy is created. All backup operations that use a given storage policy use the primary copy. The primary copy carries all data that is directed to its parent storage policy.

  2. Storage Copy

    A storage copy provides the means to make additional copies of the data located on the primary copy. Storage copies are useful when you want to make consistent point-in-time copies of data within the cycle.

Last modified: 8/27/2018 6:33:14 PM