Replacing a Disk

When a HyperScale StoragePool Data drive (HDD) fails due to disk issues, it can be replaced with a new empty disk.

The capacity of the new disk must be equal to the disk you want to replace. After the replacement, the new disk is mounted.

If multiple disks need to be replaced, replace them one-by-one, using the steps described in this page.

Before You Begin

  • Attach the new disk in an unmounted state to the MediaAgent that has the failed disk.


  1. From the Admin Console navigation, click Storage pools.

    The Storage pools page appears.

  2. On the Storage pools page, click the node that has the disk you want to replace.

    The node page appears.

  3. For the disk with Failure disk status, click Actions button action_button, click Replace, and then click Yes on the confirmation dialog box.


  • The new disk appears with the Disk replaced and data is being recovered disk status initially when the data recovery from the failed disk is in progress.
  • After successful data recovery, the new disk appears with the Ready disk status.

Caution: If multiple disks are being replaced, wait until the new disk is successfully discovered and the disk status is displayed as Ready, before replacing another disk.

Last modified: 2/14/2019 4:31:18 PM