New Features in Service Pack 13

Features and enhancements in this release are listed here, with a link to full documentation for the feature.

Microsoft SQL Server

Amazon RDS SQL Databases and Azure SQL Databases Support in Admin Console

Perform backup and restore operations for the following SQL databases:

  • Amazon RDS SQL Server databases
  • Azure SQL Server databases

For more information, see Microsoft SQL Server Solutions.

Media Management

Cloud MediaAgent Power Management

You can configure the power management feature for a MediaAgent that is hosted in the cloud. Power management automatically turns on the MediaAgent for various operations. After an operation is complete, the power management turns off the MediaAgent. For manual operations, such as library configuration and operations that are performed based on requirement, you must manually turn on and turn off the MediaAgent from the Admin Console.

For more information, see Cloud MediaAgent Power Management.

Storage Policies

With SP 13, you can add storage policies and storage copies in Admin Console.

A storage policy is a logical data management entity with rules that define the lifecycle management of the protected data in a subclient's content.

A storage copy is a secondary copy that provides a means to make additional copies of the data located on the primary copy. Storage copies are useful when you want to make consistent point-in-time copies of data within the cycle.

For more information, see Storage Policies.


Oracle Data Masking Support in Admin Console

Commvault software has industry-standard data-masking strategies for Oracle database table columns. Use data masking when you want to hide sensitive data in a non-production environment, such as in a test system or a development system.

For more information, see Oracle Data Masking.


Microsoft Azure Supports IntelliSnap Backups and Restores - Early Release

You can configure an Azure hypervisor to perform IntelliSnap backups. From the snap or backup copy, you can restore full virtual machines, restore a disk and attach it to an existing virtual machine, and restore guest files and folders.

For more information, see IntelliSnap Support for Virtualization.

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