Editing Associations for a Subclient Policy in Admin Console

When you are creating a subclient policy, or after you create a subclient policy, you can add an association with clients and client groups to the subclient policy.


Opening an Existing Subclient Policy

If you want to edit associations for an existing subclient policy, do the following:

  1. In the Navigation pane, expand Policies, and then click Subclient.
  2. In the Subclient policy list, under the Name column, click the subclient policy.
  3. In the subclient policy page, next to the Association table, click Edit association.

    The Edit Association pane appears.

Editing Subclient Policy Associations

  1. To associate the subclient policy to all of the backup sets for clients in a group, expand Server Groups, and the select the check box next to the client group.
  2. To associate the subclient policy to individual backup sets in a client, expand Servers > client, and then select the check boxes next to the backup sets.
  3. Optional: To disassociate backup sets from the subclient policy for clients that are removed from a client group that is associated to the subclient policy, select Automatically dissociate backup sets.


    • To show only the selected client group and backup sets, select Show Selected.
    • Use the search box to search for entities.
  4. Click Save.

Last modified: 4/24/2019 2:15:25 PM