Getting Started with Virtualization

This topic describes the high-level steps that first-time users must follow to set up the Virtualization application in the Admin Console.

Step 1: Install the Virtual Server Protection package

To access the Virtualization application, the administrator must install the Virtual Server Protection package. For instructions, see Installing the Virtual Server Protection Package.

Step 2: Log onto the Admin Console

Access the Admin Console using the URL that was provided by the administrator.

Step 3: Complete the Core Setup Wizard

Configure core information by completing the Core Setup Wizard.

Step 4: Complete the Virtualization Application Wizard

Perform initial configurations to set up the Virtualization application by completing the Virtualization Setup.

During the setup, you will add a hypervisor, configure storage, add virtual machines, and perform other important configurations.

Step 5: Perform Your First Backup and Restore

For instructions, see the following procedures:

  1. Perform a backup.
  2. Restore full virtual machines or files and folders.

Step 6: What to Do Next

After initial setup, you can perform the following tasks to customize your operations:

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