Creating a Snap Plan

You must create a snap plan to start protecting your data.

Before You Begin

Create a storage pool. For information on storage pools, see Storage Pool.


  1. From the navigation pane, expand Configuration, and then click Plans.

    The Plans page appears.

  2. In the upper right of the page, click Create plan, and then click Snap.

    The Create snap plan dialog box appears.

  3. In the Plan name box, type the name of the plan.
  4. Under Storage pool, set the storage options:
    1. To store the snapshots, in the Primary storage list, click the storage pool.
    2. In the Number of Snap recovery points box, type the number of days that the snapshots are retained.
  5. Optional: Under RPO (recovery point objective), update the RPO options:
    1. To update how often snapshots are taken, in the Backup frequency box, enter how often the jobs will run.
    2. To add a backup window, click Not enabled, and in the Edit backup window dialog box, select the days and times when jobs will run.
  6. Click Save.

What to Do Next

Add a storage array.

Last modified: 12/7/2018 8:35:45 PM