Snap Plans

A snap plan consists of the following:

  • A schedule policy for the snapshot backup.
  • An automatic schedule for the backup copy operation.
  • A storage policy.
  • The retention period in terms of the number of recovery points for the snap copy.

You can set full, incremental, and synthetic full schedule policies for the snapshot backups.

The storage policy creates a primary copy and a primary classic copy.

The Snap plan page shows the schedules, storage pool, and security sections. You can edit the retention of the backup copy and of the snapshot recovery points for the snap copy in the storage pool section.

Note: The synthetic full backup does not apply to all servers.

Snap plans are supported for the following:

  • Pure Storage and Nutanix storage arrays
  • Virtualization hypervisors: Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware

    Note: For Amazon, create a server plan to enable IntelliSnap support.

  • Microsoft Windows file system agent

Last modified: 12/7/2018 8:38:15 PM