You create plans to protect your data. In the plan you define what to back up, where to back up your data, and how often to run the backup job. You can create base plans that can be used as templates to create derived plans.

There are plan types that include the data protection parameters that apply to the type of data you want to protect.

Plan Type

Applies To

Data Classification

Governance Apps


Microsoft SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL and SAP HANA agents

Exchange Plans

Exchange Mailbox

File System

UNIX and Windows File System agents


Laptop agents


Replication Groups for Virtualization


File System agents

Exchange applications

Virtualization (streaming): All hypervisors

Virtualization IntelliSnap: Amazon and Microsoft Azure


Pure Storage and Nutanix storage arrays

Virtualization IntelliSnap: Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware

Note: For Service Pack 13 and later, Virtualization plans are replaced by Server plans. Any existing Virtualization backup plans are automatically converted to Server backup plans.


To create plans,the user must have the following security permissions. For more information on creating users and user groups and assigning permissions, see Users and User Groups.

Plans are used in the Admin Console to define the information to back up and how often to perform the backup.



Associated CommCell Entities

Create a plan.

Create Plan

The entity using the plan.

Edit a plan.

Edit Plan

The entity using the plan.

Delete a plan.

Delete Plan

The entity using the plan.

Add a plan to or remove a plan from an entity.

Edit Plan Associations

The entity using the plan.

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