Configuring Your Admin Console Environment

After you configure your Google environment, configure the following components in your Admin Console environment.

  • App
  • Subclients


Create an App to use it as an interface to back up and restore user accounts from the Google cloud.

For more information, see Creating an App.

Apps contain connection details information that are used to connect to Google cloud. It also provides an option to enable auto discovery of user accounts.


A default subclient is automatically created under the App. Use this default subclient to manually discover the Google user accounts. If you want to back up all your user accounts by running a single backup job, you can assign all your user accounts to the default subclient.

For information on manually discovering user accounts from a subclient, see Manually Discovering User Accounts.

You can also create user-defined subclients to logically group user accounts that have different backup requirements.

For more information on creating a user-defined subclient, see Creating Subclients to Back Up Specific User Accounts.

Use the user-defined subclients to auto discover user accounts. To auto discover the user accounts, you can either provide regular expressions to match the name of the user accounts, or you can provide a Google sub organization name that contains all the user accounts that you want to discover. You can then run a backup operation on this subclient to back up the user accounts.

For information on auto discovery of user accounts from a subclient, see Auto Discover User Accounts.

Last modified: 3/1/2018 7:57:44 PM