Inviting Users and User Groups to Install the End-User Laptop Package

You can invite users and user groups to install the end-user Laptop package.

Before You Begin

Users and user groups must be associated with a plan before you can send them an invitation. For information on creating a plan, see Creating a Laptop Plan.


From a Plan

  1. From the navigation pane, go to Plans.

    The Plans page appears.

  2. In the Plan name column, click the plan associated with the users you want to invite.

    The plan details page appears.

  3. Under Associate users or groups, click Edit.

    The Associate users or groups dialog box appears.

  4. For each user and user group you want to invite, select the check box next to the user or user group name.
  5. Click Save.

From a User or User Group

  1. From the navigation pane, go to the user or user group list:
    • To go to the user group list, go to Security > Users Groups.

      The Users groups page appears.

    • To go to the user list, go to Security > Users.

      The Users page appears.

  2. In the Actions column for the user or user group, click the action button action_button and click Invite users.


Users receive an email invitation that includes a link to your Web Console Add Computer page.

After the end-user Laptop package is installed on devices, those devices appear on the Devices page. On the Devices page, you can see backup information and who owns the device.

Last modified: 11/16/2017 5:12:57 PM