Creating Salesforce Subclients to Protect Specific Objects

You can create a subclient that contains a list of the Salesforce objects that you want to protect.

Note: When you create this type of subclient, the software does not add the data to the local database when you perform a backup.

We recommend that you have different backup schedules for Salesforce subclients that are part of the same backup set.

Before You Begin

Create a server plan that has unique backup schedules for the subclient. For more information, see Creating a Server Plan.


  1. From the navigation pane, expand Solutions > Cloud Apps > instance > backup_set, and then click Add subclient.

    The Add Salesforce backup set dialog box appears.

  2. In the Subclient name box, type the name of the subclient.
  3. From the Plan list, select the server plan to use for the subclient.
  4. In the Data backup streams box, type the number of streams that the software uses for backups.
  5. In the Specify objects box, type the objects that you want to protect. Separate each object by a comma (,).
  6. Click Save.

Last modified: 6/6/2018 9:22:11 PM