Salesforce Troubleshooting

QUERY_TIMEOUT or InternalServerError : Retried more than 15 times

For more information, see KB article CLD0013.

REQUEST_LIMIT_EXCEEDED: TotalRequests Limit exceeded

For more information, see KB article CLD0011.

Salesforce initialization exception has occured.Unknown binary object encountered!

For more information, see KB article CLD0012.

Salesforce Objects or Records Were Not Restored

For more information, see KB article CLD0010.

Salesforce User Does Not Have Permission to Perform Backup and Recovery Operations

For more information, see KB article CLD0014.

An Incremental Backup Job Fails with a Date Range Error


An incremental backup job may fail if there have been no backup jobs in the last 30 days. The error is similar to the following message:

INVALID_REPLICATION_DATE;startDate cannot be more than 30 days ago


Immediately run a full backup job, and then schedule daily incremental backups.

A Backup of Knowledge Objects Fails


A backup of knowledge objects fails because of insufficient access rights. The software displays the following error message:

ExceptionMessage: Insufficient access rights: you cannot access draft articles.


Perform the following administration in Salesforce.

Allow the user that is associated with the backup set to have access to the knowledge objects. For information, go to the Salesforce site, Knowledge Article Access.

The REST API Login Fails


The REST API login fails with the following error:

Login failed for Rest services! Please verify if the Username, Consumer Id, Consumer Secret combinations are correct. Status code: 400; Status message: Bad Request'


Try one of the following resolutions:

  1. Verify that the Salesforce user name and the consumer secret are correct.
  2. Verify that the Salesforce user has the correct permissions. For more information, go to the Salesforce site, and then search for Why do users get the "Failed: Not approved for access" error message.

The Test Connection or Backup Operation Fails with a Timeout Error

Client Access in a Proxy Configuration Error


When you perform either of the following operations, a "connection timeout error" might occur when clients can only access the internet through a proxy server.


Configure the clients to access internet resources through the server so that the Salesforce connection works.

"Failed to Send Request" Error


The test connection or the backup job fails wit the following error:

Failed to send request to <salesforce login URL>


Verify that the proxy client can resolve the Salesforce login URL. On the command line, type the following command:

nslookup <salesforce login URL>


The Salesforce production URL

nslookup login.salesforce.com

If the solution does not work, add the correct DNS server entries in the resolv.conf file.

"Unable to Start Salesforce engine" Error


When you use the option to test the Salesforce connectivity (Test Connection button), the software returns an ‘Unable to start Salesforce engine’ error.

The CVD.log file that is on the Linux proxy shows messages that are similar to the following:

9602 2b27 04/18 13:27:57 ### CvTestSalesforceConnection(206) - Received TestSalesforceConnection request
9602 2b27 04/18 13:27:57 ### startJavaEngineForTestConnection(100) - Initialize Salesforce java Engine
9602 2b27 04/18 13:27:57 ### startJavaEngineForTestConnection(111) - Start Salesforce java Engine
9602 2b27 04/18 13:27:57 ### startEngine() - Using /opt/commvault/CVJREHOME/jre/bin/java to start the backup engine
9602 2b27 04/18 13:27:57 ### startEngine() - Use default timeout=1800
9602 2b27 04/18 13:27:57 ### startJavaEngineForTestConnection(116)
Unable to start Salesforce engine<0xFFFFFFFE:{CvSFEngineInterface::startEngine(593)} + {CvProcessWithSocketListner::startAsServerAndWaitTillClientConnects(120)} + {CQiIPAddr::GetByName(300)/ErrNo.-2.(Unknown error -2)}>
9602 2b27 04/18 13:27:57 ### XMLSerializer::parserHelper() - SAXParseException: Invalid document structure XML: [0xFFFFFFFE:{CvSFEngineInterface::startEngine(593)} + {CvProcessWithSocketListner::startAsServerAndWaitTillClientConnects(120)} + {CQiIPAddr::GetByName(300)/ErrNo.-2.(Unknown error -2)}]
9602 2b27 04/18 13:27:57 ### onMsgSFValidateConnectionReq() - Failed to unserialize response [0xFFFFFFFE:{CvSFEngineInterface::startEngine(593)} + {CvProcessWithSocketListner::startAsServerAndWaitTillClientConnects(120)} + {CQiIPAddr::GetByName(300)/ErrNo.-2.(Unknown error -2)}] to App::SalesforceValidateConnectionResp
9602 2b27 04/18 13:27:57 ### onMsgSFValidateConnectionReq() - SendThroughCvsession sent connection status successfully
9602 2b33 04/18 13:28:50 ### onMsgGUIData() - PATHNAME '/var/log/commvault/Log_Files/cvd.log' 9602 2b33 04/18 13:28:50 ### RETRIEVERESULTS getPage: missing map /opt/commvault/Base/Temp/cvd.log.map automatically replaced
9602 2b34 04/18 13:29:01 ### onMsgGUIData() - PATHNAME '/var/log/commvault/Log_Files/cvd.log'


Verify that you can resolve the backup client by using the client host name.

Verify that the correct DNS entries are in the /etc/resolv.conf file.

There is an unknown user permission error in a metadata restore that includes profiles


When you perform a metadata restore operation that includes restoring user profiles, the following error might occur:

Unknown user permission: ManageSandboxes error


You need to make sure that the destination sandbox licenses match the production licenses.

  1. Sign in to Salesforce with a Salesforce administrator account.
  2. In the upper right of the page, click Setup > Company Profile > Company Information.
  3. Click Match Production Licenses.

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