Known Issues in Service Pack 10

Whether you are installing this software for the first time, or upgrading from a previous version, please note these important considerations.

Admin Console Management

Database Readiness Check Times-out on Oracle Databases

If you perform a database readiness check on an Oracle client, the check times out and indicates that the Oracle client is not ready.

This will be addressed in a future service pack.

Cloud Apps

Salesforce Dependent Object Restores Do Not Automatically Restore Files (base64 content)

When you perform a Salesforce dependent object restore, the software does not automatically restore the base64 content files, for example Attachments.

After you restore the parent, you must separately restore the file objects.

You Cannot Select Objects from the File View and the Object View at the Same Time

Perform an object restore first, and then restore the file.

This will be addressed in a future service pack.

Database Instances

Oracle Database Application Migration to Oracle Database as a Services That Use Backup as a Service Fail

If you choose the option to use Oracle Backup as a Service for application migration, then the restore might fail because of Oracle issues.

To avoid this issue, select Commvault as the vendor who performs the backup (Migration options page, Migrate using list).

This will be addressed by Oracle for a future service pack.

Multi-Tenant Environment

Company Creation

When you create a Company, the Create Organization workflow is no longer run in the background. To programmatically create a Company use the POST Organization REST API. For information about the POST Organization REST API, see Commvault REST API, POST Organization.

Last modified: 12/31/2018 3:44:34 PM