VMs for a Hypervisor or VM Group

The details page for a hypervisor or VM group shows a VM status diagram indicating the number of protected and unprotected virtual machines. You can click the bar showing the number of VMs to view a page with additional details.

On the VMs for page, you can perform the following actions to control which virtual machines are included in the report:

  • Time Range: Select the beginning of a time range; or choose Custom, set the beginning and end of the range, and click Submit.
  • VM group: Choose a specific VM group or All.
  • Status: Specify a status: All, Protected, Not protected, or Backed up with error.

Reports for protected or unprotected virtual machines show summary information for each virtual machine:

  • VM Name: Name of the virtual machine.
  • Backup status: Whether the VM is protected.
  • VM size: Size of the virtual machine.
  • Backup size: The amount of data written during backup.
  • VM group: The VM group to which the VM belongs.
  • Last backup time: The date and time when the last backup was performed.

Last modified: 3/18/2019 3:52:48 PM