Adding SQL Subclients

A subclient is a logical entity that contains the databases that need to be backed up. You can back up specific databases at a particular time or frequency by adding the databases to a user-defined subclient.

Before You Begin

  1. If you have not done so, create a database plan.

    This plan determines when the software automatically backs up the database, and the log files. For more information, see Database Plans.

  2. If you have not already done so, add an instance for the SQL database.


  1. You can add a subclient on the agent details page or the instance details page. Choose one of the options.
    • Instances: From the navigation pane, click Solutions > DB Instances, in the Actions column for the instance, click the action button action_button, and then click Add subclient.
    • Instance details: From the navigation pane, click Solutions > DB Instances > instance. Then, in the middle of the page click Add subclient.

      The Add subclient dialog box appears.

  2. In the Subclient name box, type the subclient name.
  3. From the Plan list, select a database plan.
  4. Select the databases that you want to include in the subclient.
    • To include a database, in the row for the database, select the check box.
    • To remove a database, in the row for the database, clear the check box.
  5. Click Add.

Last modified: 11/16/2017 5:15:34 PM