Getting Started with SAP HANA

Review each of the topics to get started with SAP HANA

Step 1: Obtain Your User Credentials and Database Protection Information

Obtain the following information from your backup administrator:

  • The Admin Console URL
  • Your Admin Console user credentials

If Admin Console is not set up in your CommCell environment, contact your backup administrator to deploy Admin Console. For more information, see Setting Up the Admin Console.

Step 2: Log On to the Admin Console

Access the Admin Console by using the URL that was displayed on the installation completion page, or that you received from your backup administrator.

Step 3: Add the Physical Servers

Install the SAP HANA agent on the physical hosts. For more information, see Adding a New Server.

Note: For SAP HANA, when you add a new server, select Unix and Linux as the OS Type and the SAP HANA package.

Step 4: Complete the Database Application Setup Wizard

Configure the Database application by completing the DB Instances Setup Wizard.

Step 5: Perform Your First Backup and Restore

You first online full backup is automatically scheduled based on the assigned plan.

After the backup operation is complete, perform a restore.

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