Getting Started as the Tenant Administrator

The Getting Started procedure describes the steps that first-time tenant administrators must follow to set up their environments in the Admin Console.

Step 1: Receive Access to the Admin Console

As the tenant administrator, you will receive an email from the Managed Service Provider (MSP) administrator that contains log on credentials for the Admin Console.

Step 2: Log on to the Admin Console

Access the Admin Console using the URL that was provided by the MSP administrator.

Step 3: Choose a Default Plan

The first time you log on, you must pick a default plan from the list of plans provided by your MSP administrator:

  • If you use the Laptop solution, the default plan is used to backup devices for users who are not associated with a plan.
  • For all other solutions, an applicable default plan is automatically associated with the default subclient when the software is installed on a client.

    For example, if you install a database solution, the default database plan is automatically associated with the default subclient.

  • If a default plan for your solution is not available, the default Server plan is used.

If you want to change the default plan, in the navigation pane, go to System > Default Plan.

Step 4: Add a Domain Server

Add a domain (name) server so that users who are members of the domain can log on to the Admin Console with their domain credentials.

Step 5: Add Users to User Groups

To simplify the management of users in the Admin Console, create user groups.

Step 6: Brand the Admin Console

You can brand the Admin Console by adding a logo and by changing the color of the interface.

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