Configuring Auditing and Alert Notifications

To allow end users to view the activities on their Edge Drive files and shares created from the Edge Drive or a Collaborate share, you can enable auditing and alert notification on the Edge Drive client or the ObjectStore client from the Admin Console.

Auditing is performed for the following operations in Edge Drive or shares:

  • Create, rename, move, download, or delete a folder or file.
  • Upload a file.
  • Edit a file.
  • Create, update, or delete a private or a public share.
  • Put back a file from Trash, or empty the Trash.

The auditing feature, logs the activities based on user interaction. For example, if a user selects multiple files for download, auditing logs the activity only for the selected files. Similarly, if the user downloads a folder containing multiple files, auditing logs a single activity for the folder.

Similarly, the alert notification feature allows the share user or share owner to subscribe for share notifications when any activities are performed on the Edge Drive or the Collaborative share. The user can receive the notifications on the Web Console or as an email notification.

Before You Begin

Verify that you have Service Pack 10 or later installed on your CommServe and its associated servers.


  1. From the navigation pane, expand Administration, and then click Servers.
  2. Click the Edge Drive client or the ObjectStore client for which you want to enable auditing and alert notification.
  3. Enable the following settings:
    1. To enable auditing, switch the Audit drive operations setting to ON.
    2. To enable alert notifications, switch the Enable notification for shares setting to ON.

      For Edge Drive and ObjectStore clients, these settings are enabled by default.

Last modified: 11/30/2017 7:40:53 PM