Configuring a Disk Storage Pool

Use the following procedure to configure a disk network Storage Pool.


  1. From the navigation, click Storage Pools.

    The Storage Pools page appears.

  2. Click Add Storage Pool to create a network Storage Pool.
  3. In the General dialog box, enter the following details:
    • Storage Pool Name
    • Create a new storage target by selecting New Storage and select a MediaAgent from the list and assign a Path on the MediaAgent.
    • To use existing storage, click Use existing storage and select an existing storage target from the Storage target name list.
  4. Click Next.
  5. In the Deduplication information dialog box, enter the following details:
    • Select the MediaAgents and Browse the Partition path on which the deduplication database is created.
    • You can Add partitions and select the MediaAgents and Browse the Partition path.

    Note: A maximum of 4 partitions can be added.

  6. Click Finish to create a disk network Storage Pool.


After the configuration the following will appear in the Storage Pool window.




Number of Nodes


Free Space

Network Storage Pool name

Online or Offline

Also the total number of online and offline MediaAgents in the network Storage Pool

Deduplication Storage

(To indicate that deduplication is enabled on the Storage Pool.)

Displays the number of MediaAgents associated with the Storage Pool

Storage Capacity of the Storage Pool in GB

Available space in the Storage Pool in GB

You can select a Storage Pool to view the Storage Pool properties.

You can click Details to view the deduplication details of the Storage Pool.

What to Do Next

  • After creating a network Storage Pool, you can associate it with a Plan. For information on plans, see Plans.
  • You can add additional storage to the network Storage Pool. For information on adding additional storage, see Adding Additional Storage to the Storage Pool.

Last modified: 3/1/2018 8:40:09 PM