Configuring a Tape Library as a Storage Target

You can configure a tape library as a storage target. Before configuring the tape library make sure that the library is attached to the MediaAgent in which it will be configured.

Note: Tape storage pools can be used as storage targets for secondary copies and not as targets for a primary copy. If you wish to add a a tape library in the primary copy, configure the Tape library and create a Storage Policy using the Commcell Console.


  1. From the navigation pane, click Storage Targets.
  2. Click Add storage in the upper right of the page, and then select Tape.
  3. In the Add tape storage, select the MediaAgent to which the tape library is attached from the MediaAgent list.
  4. Click Scan hardware.
  5. The tape library attached to the selected MediaAgent is detected and appears as Not configured.
  6. Click Select all or click the library that you wish to configure.
  7. Click Configure.
  8. The tape library appears as Configured.
  9. Click Cancel to exit the dialog box.


The tape library is available. You can associate the tape library with a Tape Storage Pool. For more information, see Configuring a Tape Storage Pool.

Last modified: 3/28/2019 8:34:52 PM