Viewing HyperScale Storage Pools

Use the procedure to view the information associated with HyperScale Storage Pools.


  1. From the navigation, click Storage Pools.

    The Storage Pool page appears.

  2. On the Storage Pools page, click the Storage Pool.

    HyperScale storage pools are classified as Scale Out Storage in the Type column.

  3. Click the HyperScale storage pool that you want to view.


The following information is displayed:



Total Application Size

The total amount of data that is backed up on the Storage Pool.



  • Storage Policy

The name of the storage policy with global deduplication. This is created by default when the Storage Pool is configured.

  • Total Application Size

This displays the total amount of data that is backed up on the Storage Pool.

  • Size on Disk

Total amount of data on disk after deduplication and compression.

  • Deduplication Savings

The savings percentage after deduplication.

  • MediaAgent

The Linux MediaAgent nodes that are a part of the Storage Pool.

  • Capacity

Individual storage capacity of each MediaAgent node.

  • Free Space

Available free space on each individual MediaAgent node.


The data will be retained in the Storage Pool for the defined number of days.

Device Path

The path of the disk storage area in which the data will be stored.

Total Capacity

The total storage capacity of the selected Storage Pool.

Free Space

The available free space on the selected Storage Pool.

Nodes per Block

The number of MediaAgent nodes configured per Storage Pool. By default a Storage Pool comprises of three MediaAgent nodes.

Redundancy Factor

The number of nodes which can be down without affecting the data protection operations. By default this is set to one. This number is proportional to Nodes per Block.


Displays whether the Storage Pool is online or offline.


The MediaAgent node name.

Last modified: 11/16/2017 5:27:10 PM