Updating Asset Information

When you create an asset, information about the asset is automatically collected by the software and used to populate the inventory dashboards. If you want to manually start a data collection operation to update the information for an asset, you can do so from the asset page in Inventory Manager.


  1. Open Inventory Manager as follows:
    1. From the navigation pane, expand Solutions, and then click Governance Apps.
    2. On the Governance Apps page, click Inventory Manager.
  2. In the Inventory Manager list, in the inventory name row, click the Actions button action_button, and then click Details.
  3. In the Assets table under the Name column, click the asset name.
  4. On the asset name page, near the upper-right corner of the Data Collection Jobs table under the Name column, click Start Data Collection.

    A confirmation message appears. Information about the data collection job, including the status of the job, appears in a new row in the Data Collection Jobs table.

Last modified: 4/10/2018 6:38:58 PM