Resolving Risks Discovered in Data Sources

The data source Review dashboard allows you to monitor objects in a data source and resolve issues related to potential risks.

The Review dashboard includes a tool to allow administrators to take action on files for certain types of violations and risks of exposure, including the following:

  • Open Access
  • Retention not set
  • Not protected (backed up)
  • Personally identifiable information (PII) discovered in the contents of files


  1. Open the data source Review dashboard.

    For instructions, see Viewing Data Source Dashboards.

  2. In the Risks tile, click a violation type:
    • Open access: Files that are accessible by everyone.
    • Retention not set: Files with backups that have no retention value set on the source data.
    • Not protected: Files that are not backed up with a Commvault solution.

    For example, if retention is not set on a source file, the Retention not set violation type is available. Click Retention not set to view the files.

  3. Next to the documents that you want to resolve, select the check boxes, and then click Resolve.
  4. Click the resolution type that you want to perform:

    Risk Type

    Resolve Options

    Open access

    • Delete Files, to delete the files from the source and from backup.
    • Move Files, to move the files to a more secure location.

    Retention not set

    • Set retention, to set a retention value for the source data.

      Note: Files that exceed the retention appear on the dashboard for reporting purposes only. Data is not removed if the retention is exceeded.

    • Ignore, to ignore the risk.

    Not protected

    • Ignore, to ignore the risk.

    For example, to resolve files without a retention setting, click Resolve > Set Retention, enter the retention value in months to apply to the files, and then click Submit.

Last modified: 11/19/2018 8:13:12 PM