Adding Additional Storage to a Scale-Out Storage Pool

Use the following steps to add additional storage to a Scale-Out Storage Pool.

Before You Begin

  • Install the Linux MediaAgent and the Storage Pool packages on all the additional disks that you plan to setup as a storage pool.


  1. From the navigation, click Storage Pools.

    The Storage Pool page appears.

  2. On the Storage Pools page, click the <Scale-out Storage Pool> name to which you want to add the storage.
  3. On the Storage Pool window, click Add Nodes.
  4. On the Add Nodes dialog box, select the nodes from the Nodes list.

    Note: The Nodes list contains a list of disks with the Linux MediaAgent and Storage Pool packages that are not yet configured.

  5. Click Add.


The new nodes are added and listed under the Nodes list.

Last modified: 3/1/2018 8:43:45 PM