Job Details Page for Governance Apps Data Collection Jobs

The job summary page contains information about a particular data collection job for Governance Apps.

Job Summary

  • Status

    The status of the job. For example, Completed.

  • Source client computer

    The name of the client that is associated to the job.

  • Subclient

    The name of the subclient used for the job.

  • Priority

    The level of priority issued to the job.

  • Start time

    The date and time when the job began.

  • End time

    The date and time when the job finished.

  • Job started by

    The name of the user to started the job.

  • Job started from

    The method used to start the job. For example, Interactive.

Job Details

  • Agent

    The type of agent associated to the job.

  • Backup Set

    The backup associated to the job.


  • Severity

    The level of the event, such as Information.

  • Event ID

    The unique identification number for the event.

  • Date

    The date and time of the event.

  • Program

    The entity that issued the event.

  • Computer

    The computer associated with the event.

  • Event Code

    The event code.

  • Description

    The event description.

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