Getting Started with Salesforce in an MSP Environment

Step 1: Obtain Your User Credentials

Obtain the following information from your backup administrator:

  • The Admin Console URL
  • Your Admin Console user credentials

Step 2: Review the Salesforce Prerequisites

  • Verify that you have one of the following Salesforce editions:
    • Lightning Developer
    • Lightning Enterprise
    • Lightning Performance
    • Lightning Unlimited
  • You must have a Salesforce admin user and security token for your Salesforce account.
  • Verify that you can connect to the Salesforce login URL from the backup client.
  • Review the disk requirements for the backup client. For more information, see Salesforce Backup Client Requirements.

Step 3: Configure the Salesforce Environment

Step 4: Configure the Commvault Environment

Step 5: Perform a Backup Operation

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