Modifying a Salesforce Organization

Use this procedure when you need to perform any of the following operations:

  • Modify the Salesforce organization credentials.
  • Modify the Salesforce organization backup content, for example add metadata so that you can compare objects.


  1. From the navigation pane, expand Solutions > Apps > Cloud Apps > Salesforce organizations > organization.

    The Salesforce organization details page appears.

  2. Click Edit.

    The Edit Salesforce organization page appears.

  3. Modify the Salesforce credentials. Under Account details, enter the information on how you connect to Salesforce.
    1. In the Salesforce login URL box, type the URL that you use to connect to Salesforce.
    2. In the User Name box and Password boxes, type the user credentials that you use to connect to Salesforce.
    3. In the API Token box, type the token that you use to connect to Salesforce.
    4. In the Consumer Key box, type the Salesforce consumer key.
    5. In the Consumer Secret box, type the Salesforce consumer secret.
  4. Under Backup Options, specify the backup location.
    1. From the Backup Plan list, select the plan.
    2. Determine what data to back up. The software includes the Salesforce objects by default.
      • To include the files, select the Salesforce files check box.
      • To include the metadata, select the Salesforce metadata check box.

        Note: You must select this check box if you want to compare the Salesforce data.

  5. Best Practice: Click Test Connection to verify that you can connect to Salesforce.
  6. Click Save.

Last modified: 8/7/2018 2:14:25 PM